Acer n35 PDA. Info storage

  speedbird_zero1 21:08 04 Sep 2006

Hello i have the above mentioned PDA running Windows mobile, now i have only been using this pda for my sat nav but decided to use it as an organiser for real. The issue i am having is no matter what i do on the machine, callender, word, excel etc if i do not keep the battery charged or plugged into the mains and it gets flat then every thing reverts back to original, with no record of anythying at all. Is this normal behaviour? it does not eben keep my name on it. Any ideas please.

  skidzy 22:01 04 Sep 2006

If im correct here,i believe it needs a SD card to save the data,is yours full leaving no room for the data.
You may need several cards ! click here click here

Hope this helps

  speedbird_zero1 22:10 04 Sep 2006

i read the links you sent, and to be honest i am still on the wiser as they both say the sd card slot is for the sat nav part of the operation.

  skidzy 22:23 04 Sep 2006

If im reading about this correctly,you need to save anything and everything you want saved to a sd card as the onboard memory is very limited.

If im right in saying,it has no harddrive just a ram memory,therefore everytime you turn off or battery dies,the ram resets and you lose any unsaved data,unless saved to a sd card.

Ive no experience with this pda,and just trying to read between the lines on this model.

However if you suspect this is faulty and under warranty...take it back.

Hope this helps.

  ton 03:12 05 Sep 2006

My friend has the Acer N35.
This PDA has no backup battery (unlike my Ipaq).

There is nothing wrong with the PDA, if the battery goes flat, then everything that is not on a memory card is lost.

There is a very easy solution, get another SD card, (they are very cheap at click here ), then using the built in backup program do a backup of the PDA.

It only takes seconds to do the backup and the same to restore.

Make sure you do the backup fairly regular so that it is up to date.

If you look at the programs on the PDA - (Start -Programs) you should see the backup program.

  ton 03:21 05 Sep 2006

I should add that if you are not using the Sat nav, then you can remove the card and replace it with another SD card.
With the other card you could store anything you like - data, photos, music etc.

You can also use any spare capacity on the sat nav card, but it would pay to make a copy of this on your PC first.

  speedbird_zero1 19:19 05 Sep 2006

That seems to be the solution, just do a back up every so often. Thanks a lot guys.

  skidzy 19:35 05 Sep 2006

Your welcome Speedbird,glad to be of help.

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