ACER Monitor help please

  Furkin 11:31 09 Oct 2006

Hi all,
I have just started to get a problem with my Monitor
I have an ACER kit inc CRT Monitor 'AC713'.
Today I was surprised to get a CONTRAST sign pop up whilst I was writing to Word. (CONTRAST 100%) in Red.
I recognised it as part of the adjusting routine of the monitor. I pressed EXIT on monitor menu system & it went,,,,, but it keeps coming back.
I looked at the adjustment bit, & the pop ups are BLUE, until you adjust them. They then turn Red whilst adjustment is being carried out,,, then back to Blue.
As this kept occurring (whatever program is running), I adjusted the contrast down to 99% hoping that this fine alteration might make a difference,,, it doesn’t !
What ever I adjust it to, it still pops up with 100%,,,, then goes off,,, just for a while !
Any ideas please ?

  The Kestrel 12:59 09 Oct 2006

Sounds like a problem with the monitor. Contact Acer direct, rather than through the vendor as this is quicker. If it is still under warranty they will swop it out with another monitor.

  sean-278262 14:22 09 Oct 2006

Most acer monitors from the last 5 or so years come with 3years warranty. However my PNST Acer 19" CRT has a problem but took forever to just contact them. I gave up eventually as it was costing more to get a reply than to just replace it.

  Peants68 14:54 09 Oct 2006

An Acer laptop bought through QVC had to be replaced immediately after delivery. Took a month before it was picked up. This was after repeated telephone requests to Acer/QVC. Turned out Acer had been contacted by QVC repeatedly as well.

Moral of the story - return direct to Vendor if you can and buy another product. I Bought HP.

  Peants68 14:57 09 Oct 2006

PS. ACER after sales service was without doubt non existent. QVC had to arrange pick up themselves.

  sean-278262 15:04 09 Oct 2006

Dont forget that this may be true, but most companies have rubbish aftersales. Packard bell being a firm favourite of mine as they charged us £10 to tell us to pay £50 for restore CDs as the guy on the phone said that the disk had a virus. I wished I was there when this was said as I would love to know how ROM (read ONLY memory can get a virus). Turned out the CDs were perfect just the bios needed resetting. Most places just employ anyone that is willing to take customer abuse. Very few of them will know what you are talking about and often that ends up being just as much as the customer.

  Furkin 17:18 09 Oct 2006

Thanks all,
Over the past 2/3 years, I have NEVER had a reply from ACER despite about 15 e-mails.
I have mentioned this complete lack of service on this forum b4 - hence my decision not to bother with ACER again - ever !
I bought the kit from Staples - so might try dropping them a line.
I will also try ACER again - just for the hell of it !
I was hoping that someone out there might have some idea also,,,, still hoping readers !!!! lol

  Furkin 10:07 16 Oct 2006

,,,,well,,, that worked !!!!
I got a standardised reply - telling me how to buy a Warranty for my NOTEBOOK.
Can't these people read !
This only confirms my total dissatisfaction with ACER - NEVER AGAIN !
((I know it's ironic,,, but i'll click resolved !!!))

  Furkin 14:36 21 Oct 2006

What a surprise - I somehow left a message on a ladies voice-mail by mistake (at ACER I hasten to add !!) She organised to have it picked up & is now with them being fixed (if it can be ??)
I have planted the seed that if it isn't worth the hassle, that I 'might' consider a tft as replacement.

After it was picked up, I got a message from another person at ACER saying that CRT monitors only have a 2 year warranty, & as such - tough !!!
I'll have great delight in writing back to him,,, after I get it back !

After about 10 ignored e-mails over the years, I class this as a result !

Will let you know when it arrives & condition later.

thanks again to you all

  Furkin 13:47 03 Nov 2006

Anyone thinking of getting ACER stuff might like to read this.
My T120 has been pretty good over the 3 years since I bought it,,,, which is a good job.
It has only developed a couple of small, niggling things.
I have sent over 20 e-mails to Acer re these bits,,, but not had the decency of a reply.
Lately, when finding that the monitor was playing up,,,, I e-mailed again - to no avail.
I ended up finding a site, & left a message on some ones Voice Service. The lady agreed that the monitor has a 3 year warranty, but I would need to get it to them. I sent it on 17th Oct with a covering letter asking them to keep me up-dated as it's the only monitor that I have.
Since that date,,, I have heard nothing !
They didn't acknowledge receipt of the machine, or let me know anything about it.
I have left 2 messages a day on their god forsaken Customer Care Help-line Automated System.
Not one of them have been replied to !
I am now getting the feeling that something is amiss,,,, & worried that I might not get the machine back, or an explanation of what has occurred !
I really was expecting a bit much from ACER - but I won't be getting their stuff again.
Their products might be o.k. when working,,,, but don't expect anything if things go wrong !

  Furkin 14:34 09 Nov 2006

Well,,, after leaving about 8 messages on their 'automated' system,,, & not having the decency of a reply, last friday I sent a fax to their head office. Later in the day I got a call from the repair centre, saying that they had received the box some time ago, but it was in 'limbo',,, & not been opened. She asked me for the serial number (?) so I told her to open the damn box & she would see it for herself !
She said that she would sort it out & call me back on Sat morning - of course - no such thing.
After another fax to H.O I got a call yesterday (Wed) saying that it had just been repaired & that it would be sent out for next-day delivery by DHL. I asked what the problem had been & she said that a report would be in the box.
This morning I eagerly called DHL,,,, to be told that they had nothing for me. Was I surprised ? Not a bit of it !
At about lunchtime I got a delivery,,, by City Link !
Of corse there was no report in the box, so I don't know what the problem was, or what they have done to it.
I havn't tried it yet,,,, as I bought a tft whilst waiting.
I have written to ACER H.O just to give them feedback,,,, I'm sure they'll appreciate it !!!!!!!!!
ACER ? Never Again !
bye all

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