Acer Laptop wireless adapter

  Alan J-262974 18:42 24 Nov 2006

I have just upgraded to AOL Gold and set up the free Speedtouch router to work with a new Acer Laptop. It works fine with wires attached but I cannot get it to work wirelessly. I keep getting the message that no networks are available. Message on the desktop says Wireless Connection not available. I have just spent over an hour with AOL who have concluded that the wireless adapter is faulty and I need to go back to Acer. Are they likely to be correct or am I doing something silly? Not very familiar with computers. Waited for 20 minutes in a queue at Acer then got cut off. Any advice would be appreciated.

  Smiler 18:56 24 Nov 2006

So both your desktop & laptop say no networks and AOL say the wireless adaptor is faulty.
I'd say that the router is faulty. Can you find a friend with a wireless router that you can try connecting to?

  Alan J-262974 19:01 24 Nov 2006

I don't knew anyone with a router. I'm afraid all this is very new to me. Thanks for replying.

  bof:) 19:01 24 Nov 2006

have you used a wire connection to set up the wireless modem first?

  woodchip 19:13 24 Nov 2006

Have you loaded Wireless settings from Router into Laptop WiFi software.

  bof:) 19:14 24 Nov 2006

My Acer laptop will search for wireless connections to the internet BUT on the front of my laptop are 2 flat buttons. The one on the right pushes in ans goes orange if the wirelss card in the laptop is activated. It stay clear (no light) if the wireless card is disabled. Have you something similar?

Try gently pushing the button in see what happens.

  Alan J-262974 19:30 24 Nov 2006

Thankyou for your replies. I used the wire connection to set up the router using AOL's install disc. I have a button on the front of my laptop which glows orange to indicate that wireless is activated. However, the icon at the bottom right of the desktop say "Wireless Network Connection Not Connected.
I'm afraid I don't understand the question about loading wireless settings from the router into the Laptop WiFi software. I have a wireless network name and a WEP 128 Key which have input when prompted. Is there anything else I should do, please?

  Smiler 00:31 25 Nov 2006


  Goolie 05:30 25 Nov 2006

I suggest you test the wireless link with encryption disabled (in security settings), and also with wireless mac access control off (in access control settings).
If you can then connect ok, then enable encryption and access control to ensure security.

  bof:) 12:07 26 Nov 2006

Hi BRAD2, try this go to,Start/Control panel/network connections/ (see if wireless connections is shown...if so)..go to Properties/General

you should see a list with 'Internet Protocol (TCP?IP' on it.

Highlight this and go to 'Properties' and make sure that both:

Obtain an IP address automatically and

obtain DNS Server address automatically both have a black circle next to them (the radio button is chosen)


  bof:) 12:11 26 Nov 2006

also have you tried right-clicking the icon on your taskbar that says you are not connected and clicked on 'Repair'. You should see a list of the repairs XP is attempting to do.

Note down any it cannot do and post back here.


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