Acer laptop Windows XP pro installed over XP home

  Angie Coops 21:13 19 Oct 2007

Hi all, I've been reading through the forums here and wonder if anyone can help. I bought an Acer Aspire 5670 last year, with Windows XP home ed. on it. I haven't used it much until recently because my university has upgraded its system and my main PC didn't like it because it's old with little memory so I have been using the laptop more especially for the internet. I then found the Windows XP Pro on the main PC was a copy, I bought a genuine copy from Microsoft, downloaded it and they sent me out the disk. To cut a long story short, my daughter installed the Windows Genuine Advantage Kit XP Pro onto my laptop (don't even go there), activated it with the product key, and now the laptop won't work properly. It starts up/shuts down ok, I can open files, routine maintenance etc, but whenever I try to access the internet, it crashes and freezes. Because I wasn't using it much I didn't activate the system restore on it either. How do I sort this please? I have made a copy of the Acer factory restore system on DVD, removed/copied eveything of importance (there really wasn't anything stored on there) so was wondering if this is the best thing to do? I didn't get the disk of Windows XP home ed. when I bought the laptop, although I do have the sticker with the product key on the bottom, but how do I go about re-installing that? Any advice would be really greatly appreciated if this is sortable at home, but PLEASE in 'Boy, you are almost too stupid to own a computer' lay-mans terms! Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:40 19 Oct 2007

You can press <Alt+F10> or the Empowering Key to launch in a Windows environment, or press <Alt+F10> during boot up. For the Veriton desktop series, you can also press the hardware reset button at any time. For the Aspire or AcerPower desktop series, an Acer eRecovery Management icon can be found on the desktop screen.

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