Acer laptop USB Cable

  Peter Lanky 13:25 01 Aug 2010

I have just removed a hard drive from an Acer laptop (5672WLMi). However, under the hard drive is a copper coloured flat cable which was partially stuck to the drive by a small black pad (I don't think it was meant to stick) and on removing the drive, this cable was pulled away from the laptop. Googling the part number, I am led to believe it is a USB cable of some kind, but nothing on how it actually connects. Try as I may, I cannot see any place where this cable should connect to. Can anyone help please? The part no. of the cable is DD0ZB1TH409.

  Batch 16:14 01 Aug 2010

Do Acer have a support site where you can ask the question?

  northumbria61 18:17 01 Aug 2010

ACER UK Support site here - click here

  northumbria61 18:19 01 Aug 2010

Further - you can call or email from the above link. I have only ever contacted Acer once by mail and received a reply the same day.

  Peter Lanky 19:33 02 Aug 2010

I eventually found the place to email on the Acer site, but no reply yet.

  Peter Lanky 09:51 05 Aug 2010

Well, nobody replied from Acer Help, nobody from another laptop forum and nobody here. Surely somebody has taken a hard drive out of an acer laptop?

  mooly 12:15 05 Aug 2010

It sounds like a flexiprint connector that just pushes into a connector somewhere... it shouldn't be hard to find where :)

Is it like these
click here

  Peter Lanky 14:03 05 Aug 2010

Mooly. Believe me it is. I've found an image on the internet of how it connects into the USB port at one end, but without taking the whole laptop to pieces I would need to be a contortionist/magician to reach the port. At the other end, I can't see anything remotely like a socket to plug it into. There's no way I'm dismantling it without knowing that there is some possibility of finding the connector at the other end.

Image click here

  northumbria61 16:27 05 Aug 2010

"Surely somebody has taken a hard drive out of an acer laptop?"

Yes I have along with a few other people I would imagine but we didn't or at least I didn't end up with a "spare" cable which you unfortunately have.
I have just physically remove the hard drive from one of 3 Acer laptops that we have in the family and there is nothing that resembles the image you have posted or any connection other than the fixed/solid hard drive connection.

Does your laptop still function normally ?
Are you minus a USB Port that doesn't work ? - if so can you manage without it ?
The point I am trying to make is this - is it worth taking your laptop apart for the sake of a USB Port ? Only you can answer that.

  mooly 18:44 05 Aug 2010

I'm losing the plot here... are you saying the ribbon is free at both ends. The connectors for those things while easily freed (unless it has a locking bar... some do) aren't "that easy", and I'm sure you would have felt some resistance.

Does everything still appear to work ?

  Peter Lanky 18:47 05 Aug 2010

The 2 USB ports near the hard drive are not working, and yes, I can do without them. However, I am the type of person who wants to know the answer to a problem even if I'm not going to make use of the information, and if I can sort this out, it will be something else I have learned.

I was going to sell it, as I've just replaced the totally silly Acer Windows installation (the recovery disk didn't work) with a real spare copy of Vista I've been trying to make use of for months, seeing as the well known auction site won't let me sell it on it's own, but the value will be reduced greatly if not 100% functioning, even if it is relatively minor.

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