Acer Laptop - trying to re load O/S

  andrewmpalmer 20:48 18 Nov 2010

Hi all.

Advice please, A freind tried to delete all here hard drive clean, and it now won't boot, I though I had it sorted and re loaded the pro loaded version of vista on there, but juts as I thought I was getting somewhere the dreaded blue error screen.

I actually want to pre load on there a version of windows 7 for her, but not good at all now.

Where would you start? Ps Its a Acer 5100 Laptop.



  Forum Editor 23:15 19 Nov 2010

from Webdesign.

  lotvic 00:55 20 Nov 2010

I'd have another go at restoring Vista to factory fresh
Restoring the operating system click here
"When the Acer logo is displayed, press and hold the ALT key while pressing repeatedly the F10 key"

  andrewmpalmer 16:25 20 Nov 2010

Thanks, I tried that, and yes it worked. So i will tick great advice and completed.

Although unexpectedly, the dreeded blue screen appeared today as i though all was going good.

It does keeping dieding though. I'm puting that down to a faulty battery. and maybe overheating.

I don't know what the last blue screen was, i;ve just run the system repair, and i'm trying to reboot again, ( its had a 4 hour rest and re cooling period ! ) The freind want if possible, it working and windows 7 re installed. The W7 bit I was having a small tweek problem, with the dieing halfway through bit. Which i'm putting down to the battery.

I'm nearly at whitts end, laptop returned, prognosis she needs a new battery £40 - £60, if that works, I may try installing the Windows 7 bit again. !

Thanks for the advice

  rawprawn 17:06 20 Nov 2010

I'm not sure what your state is at the moment, but if you can open the Command Prompt using right click and Run as Administrator, then type chkdsk /f at the prompt and hit Enter.
See if that helps.

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