acer laptop starup repair

  pjcurtis78 11:37 12 May 2013

i have an ancer laptop that just goes into start up reapir every time its booted up and never gets past it, have left it for few hours and still no luck, any help would be good!! thanks

  pjcurtis78 11:56 12 May 2013

Thank you for the advise, have tried that and both attempts go back to start-up repair.

  pjcurtis78 12:13 12 May 2013

its running windows 7 by the way but dont have a disc to restart from new either!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:23 12 May 2013

Download and burn a win 7? iso disk if you do not have a DVD.

Boot from the DVD and run the startup repair from there.

If it will not repair the startup you can reinstall win7 but you will need the code from the sticker on the laptop to activate it.

  pjcurtis78 12:57 12 May 2013

Thanks for that will give that a try and see what happens

  pjcurtis78 13:02 12 May 2013

not too bothered about whats on the laptop as just be good to get it working, its an acer extensa 5235, nothing plugged into laptop and no there was no problem, someone used the laptop and has done it ever since! thank you for all the help its been good just to try and sort it out

  pjcurtis78 20:24 12 May 2013

tried a recovery and have now lost operating system so any ideas how to re-install windows without the disc

  lotvic 21:19 12 May 2013

Did this not work for you?

when you first switch on and power up get the restore option by holding down the Alt button and pressing F10 button at the same time

When the eRecovery menu appears, choose "restore system to factory defaults".

Wait for the recovery process to complete and the computer to restart.

  pjcurtis78 09:21 13 May 2013

no this did not work as have lost operating system, can boot computer through a lyxus system but dont know how to get windows back

  lotvic 12:28 13 May 2013

Restoring the operating system, ClickHere (note that Step B does not involve the existing Windows installation on partition C: the use of Alt+F10 boots into a separate recovery option that has nothing to do with the non-working Windows, it boots into the hidden recovery partition so that factory image is restored to the C: overwriting the non-working install)

instructions from support-acer website:

If your software fails to respond or the system is infected with malware, please use the following steps:


Prior to reinstalling Windows, undo the changes that may cause the problems. Please, visit our knowledge base article Using System Restore in Windows XP, Vista and 7.


If the problem persists, use the recovery software to restore Windows to the original factory state:

Make a backup of personal data, as the recovery process will erase all your files, such as email and photos.

Power on your computer. When the Acer logo is displayed, press and hold the ALT key while pressing repeatedly the F10 key. Release the keys when a message displays that Windows is loading files.

After the system recovery program has loaded follow the prompts to reinstall the operating system.

In case the recovery software does not start, you need to use Recovery DVDs or CDs; please visit our knowledge base article Recovery using CDs or DVDs.

[press and hold the ALT key while pressing repeatedly the F10 key means hold down the ALT key whilst repeatedly tapping the F10 key]

  pjcurtis78 17:46 13 May 2013

to be honest i dont know what i have done but bootmgr file missing now, is there any way i can just start this from new as computer works fine just got massive issues with booting up and have lost windows! thanks eeryone for the help so far you have all been great

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