Acer laptop problems

  noeyedear 22:41 04 Apr 2015

Hi, I have an Acer aspire E15 laptop that was purchased Dec 2014 & is having problems. It started to become slow, then on start up it recommended a reset. Alot of programs were 'there but not physically there' after. The McAfee software had to be re-installed, that was successful but then had a message that real time scanner was off. I clicked to switch on, but almost immediately it turned itself off. My husband installed Avast as extra precaution, which scanned my laptop on start up yesterday. It took a long while to do, & moved 3 files to the 'chest'. I used laptop earlier and McAfee was back to normal & secure so I thought at last it was fixed. Have just switched on & get the Acer start up but then the screen turns grey & I can't log in or do anything. Tried turning off, waiting & turning back on but still the same. Has any one got an idea what is wrong? Afraid I'm quite a tech novice!!! I seem to remember it doing similar a while ago, & having a message that it needed to restart due to such & such error (sorry can't remember!) This problem first started over a month ago but I have only just got around to trying to sort it. I have not been using the internet very much since as the laptop has been out of action, but is it possible it has a virus? Any help will be appreciated thanks!

  robin_x 23:44 04 Apr 2015

It could be a virus or just random corruption or if you are running McAfee AV and Avast AV.

Only one Antivirus should be used. If you want extra security, keep a copy of Malwarebytes Free.

It doesn't conflict.


You can try doing a System Restore to before the problem (personal files and folders are not affected)

If that fails, try a Refresh which again keeps your files and folders.


To get these options can be a bit trick with W8/8.1

You can try powering on and immediately, repeatedly tapping F8 or Shift F8 but the machine's quick boot may have already got under way.

If you do end up in Windows you can also find them in Control Panel.

Or you can boot from the USB Flash Recovery Drive that you should have made or a W8/8.1 DVD

If you don't have them, you can make a USB Recovery Drive or DVD on another machine.

Use Media Creation Tool

When you boot on the dodgy machine, choose Repair or Advanced or Troubleshoot and find the System Restore and Refresh options.

  robin_x 23:48 04 Apr 2015
  noeyedear 00:06 05 Apr 2015

Thanks for the reply, I've tried F8 & shift F8 but no luck. I can't get past the grey blank screen, not even to log in. Afraid I am a novice so have made no USB flash recovery drive and windows was pre installed so have no dvd. Have you any other ideas? Thanks

  robin_x 00:17 05 Apr 2015

On a working computer:

You have to make a DVD (with a blank one) or use a spare 4GB or more USB Flash drive.

click here

  onthelimit1 09:25 05 Apr 2015

With W8, F8 does not work. You can usually access the advanced start menu by forcing the computer to power down after the bios screen 4 times.

  noeyedear 22:45 13 Apr 2015

Hi, just wanted to say my laptop is up and running again. I became frustrated that I could not get beyond the grey screen that I naively tried random keys! Fortunately F12 did the trick - possibly a fluke?! Anyway, thanks for the advice. McAfee software has quarantined some rogue files, and apart from being a bit slow the laptop seems to be over its issue.

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