Acer laptop: No sounds at all, headphones very low

  bintangmu 16:57 06 Aug 2010

Hi, I've searched the forum and while there're posts about similar problems, nothing seems to match mine exactly.
Laptop: Acer Extensa 5630Z
OS: Windows 7
Audio: Realtek
Problem: There's no sound whatsoever coming from the laptop speakers - no mp3, no sounds from movies, nothing online like Youtube, no system sounds.
When I plugin headphones, I can just about hear something, but VERY low volume.
When plugging in external speakers, I need to turn the volume on the speakers to max to hear something.
It worked fine until a few days ago. I've not done any major changes on my laptop.
What I tried so far:
- re-installed driver
- system restore
- checked all sound controls (everything shows speakers are working correctly)
- sound is on, nothing is muted
- poked into headphone jack in case it's stuck (running music while poking didn't even give a crackle)
- tried several headphones & different audio players
- deleted last Windows update.
I searched forums and online help - nothing. Has anyone got an idea what this might be?
Thanks for reading!

  woodchip 17:14 06 Aug 2010

Have you tried the fn key bottom left on keyboard along with volume key on the top row of keys on laptop? looks like a little speaker one for up other for down

  bintangmu 19:27 06 Aug 2010

Yes, the volume is on max and it's not muted.

  Chris_Byers 10:37 09 Aug 2010

As a long shot, have you tried installing the Realtek referance drivers from here?: click here

What 'may' have happended is that an updated driver has been installed, and a parcularity of Vista and W7 is that if it has h nwer driver it considers to be workign then it actally won't overwrite the old one. It will simply let you run the install process and then ignore the older driver. What you must do is to uninstall the exisitng driver from the compouter management console, reboot, then install the one you wish to use. You should make a note of the driver version number as well to double check it has installed the one you wish to use. If it does not fix the problem then it may be you will have to return it under warrenty (if still valid) to get them to look at it.

  shallyd 11:34 09 Aug 2010

I would request you to check the sound driver which you have installed is that driver supporting to you laptop or not. Search the driver on net that will be suitable for your laptop. for more information click here

  VOT Productions 11:42 09 Aug 2010

You know the way that Vista/7 has seperate controls for programs?

Click on the speaker (system tray) and put all sliders to the top.

Otherwise speakers aren't selected as default in the settings

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