Acer laptop has stopped playing cd and dvd's

  dobber 1 16:38 27 Mar 2008

I purchased an Acer Aspire 5610 laptop at the end of 2006. The OS was XP, and was Vista ready via a Windows express update DVD and an Acer upgrade DVD, which I installed last May when the discs arrived. Initially everything was fine until a few months ago, when I could not play any discs. Clicking "computer" showed drives C, D and E. However drive E was obscured by a red circle with a red diagonal line (like a no smoking sign). I contacted Acer and tried a number of options, including trying to revert back to factory settings and trying again, no joy. Finally, I was informed by Acer that it was not their responsibility once I'd installed Vista, it was Microsoft's. Their impression was that Windows was preventing drive E from functioning correctly.
Any idea's?

  skidzy 16:41 27 Mar 2008

Uninstall the drive from Device Manager and reboot,windows will install the generic drivers.

As you have tried factory settings,this leads me to think its faulty or a loose connection.

Also look in device manager and update the driver.

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