Acer laptop, display damaged

  conrail 09:10 14 May 2007

daughter has an Acer laptop running XP (home/pro?) and finishes uni this summer, her laptop with all her work on has developed a fault, the display has had it, it shows 2 dark marks in the top right hand corner, looks like 2 broken windows, and no display.
can I add a 2nd monitor, bearing in mind I cannot get device manager?
how can I copy her work and other documents onto either my pc or a external hard drive, (pika one)?
also any ideas on repair cost or easier to replace whole laptop and ask shop to recover documents
all help gratefully accepted not only in repair/recovery but my sanity, thanks

  P1d 09:54 14 May 2007

You should be able to connect an external monitor, then press Fn + F8 (may vary on Acer laptops but it's usually labelled something like CRT/LCD) which will swap between the laptops screen and the external one.

Once the external screen is connected you should be able to backup any documents to an external drive as if it were the laptops screen.

As for repair costs, it depends on the model but the screen can be quite expensive to buy and to have fitted, it may be worth looking for a replacement laptop as the prices are quite reasonable now.

Just my thoughts, hope it helps.

  wee eddie 10:09 14 May 2007

If you have then problem comes down to the available connections on the Laptop. Others will have to fill in the details on that one but it should work quite happily with an external monitor. Once connected, Starting in "Safe Mode" will be the way to sort it.

Repairs to Laptops are usually prohibitively expensive, because of their constricted construction space and ever changing specs.

A new laptop is "comparatively" cheap.

Getting the stuff off the old HDD. You can buy External HDD Enclosures for £20 or so (just make sure it is a suitable size for the smaller laptop HDD). click here

Once you have put the old Drive into it's new home, you can plug it into the new PC and copy the files across. Once the files are safe on another PC. Format the old drive and you have an ideal Back-up Hard Drive for next to nothing.

  conrail 10:44 14 May 2007

thanks P1d, that has almost worked, because I am having to use the power switch to switch the laptop off when I switch it on the external monitor springs into life showing the disc check and xp loading until it comes to the sign-in screen then the external monitor switches off although the power light is on, and the laptop takes over, pressing Fn and F6 (not F8) switches the laptop display off but does not activate the monitor, I have tried Fn with all the F keys, all I need now is to find out how to reactivate the monitor which is working otherwise I would not get the startup/disc check screens, any further suggestions greatly accepted

  P1d 10:54 14 May 2007

Could you try starting in Safe Mode? (pressing F8 on startup should give you the windows boot options, one of them will be Safe Mode).

  P1d 10:58 14 May 2007

I've just tested a Dell laptop and I had to press Fn + F8 (swap F8 for F6 on the Acer) a couple of times for it to change to the monitor.

Also, what model of Acer do you have?

  Fingees 11:05 14 May 2007

It may be acting as though it's a shared monitor, with the main being on the laptop.

It may be worth trying to see if you can enter the bios whilst the external monitor is on, just in case there is something you can adjust in there.

Just a thought.

  conrail 11:52 14 May 2007

model: Acer 2312LM, safe mode gets the monitor working but, despite repeated pressing of Fn and F6 can't get the monitor to work otherwise rather than during startup
still using safe mode and a usb key have managed to get the latest work she needs so thanks all for your help, any further ideas will be appreciated but it looks like she (I) will be buying a new laptop

  conrail 17:14 15 May 2007

Thanks guys for all your help, my wife came in last night from work and announced that she had taken insurance out on our 2 pc's and 2 laptops, her laptop is a school laptop so she contacted our insurance company to make sure it was covered and they covered all 4 machines at no extra cost so it is getting collected tomorrow, I now know why I married her (and I thought it was her money)

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