Acer laptop battery- plugged in not charging

  kiwilondon 09:33 04 Feb 2015

battery showing 26% available [ been winding down a %point a week recently] pluggedin not charging

it is this lack of recharge that worries me am at a loss as to how to get this to recharge...

machine is 5810T

  xania 11:23 04 Feb 2015

With most laptops, when you plug in the charger I pilot light comes on to show it is connected and powering the battery. DO you see this light? If not I would suspect the charger has failed. Also, the icon on the bottom right of your screen should change to show that you are now running on mains power rather than battery. If you get both the pilot light and that changed icon I would suspect a faulty battery.

  northumbria61 11:37 04 Feb 2015

As per xania I suspect a failed charger. If you need any help in obtaining a replacement put the details on here for myself or someone to help you. For a direct replacement use the details on the bottom of your current charger - Model, Input, Output.

  wee eddie 12:54 04 Feb 2015

Just a thought: If, when you plug the Charger into the laptop, there is no reaction from the Laptop, there is just a possibility that some one has given the socket a dunt and cracked the connection to the MOBO. It's repairable but can be expensive on some Models.

So, check your charger on someone else's Lappy before going down that route

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 04 Feb 2015

Remove battery and mains

press and hold power button for thirty seconds

reconnect battery and mains

and boot up

see if its charging now.

  kiwilondon 08:41 05 Feb 2015

thanks so far update,

the power supply works without the battery inserted [ so the unit is working ? ] the power/mains when used does have the 'light on' as commented above

will try the option of battery removal [ must admit i have tried a number of these methodologies thus far, to no avail]

some how do not think buying a new battery is the answer - as to charge it I'll require the laptop to recharge ...

running out of time and looks like options ?


  xania 09:20 05 Feb 2015

Let's forget about the battery for the moment. Does the battery not work on mains power when you are plugged into the mains? DO you get the pilot light and the changed icon?

If you do, then you can always run on mains power while sourcing a replacement battery and then plug it in and charge it up.

However, if not, and you know that the charger is working, then its got to be the power socket!!!

  kiwilondon 11:16 09 Feb 2015

looking at getting a NEW replacement battery as nothing seems to be working to resolve the issue however, a replacement can be a 6 cell or a 9 cell - what is BEST please ? will this charge up though when inserted ?

as to my issue- the existing battery % is now 24% the laptop runs 100% on mains power/ cable with NO battery inserted so anything to do with the cable/power supply can be excluded now ?

when a battery is installed, and the laptop is running on mains - removing the power supply will not flick the laptop to battery mode - it goes dead + one needs to reboot with mains.


battery operation is not happening even though now @ 24%

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:35 09 Feb 2015

May be worth cleaning the contacts on the battery

  kiwilondon 16:25 23 Feb 2015

thanks all update = Fixed

took a punt and bought a new battery on Amaz for UK £12 delivered [ quoted £ 60 @ Acer...]

after much charging it seems to work ok - not the full 8 hr charge available whilst in use on battery, but at least it the laptop can be taken around and used off site for a good period f the day now - so result of sorts

thanks all repsondants above

  xania 12:04 25 Feb 2015

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