acer L100 (memory)

  acermisery 11:26 15 May 2007

hello all, what i'm looking for is any information, as to how to get access to the memory on my acer L100 atm its got standard 1 gig i want to upgrade to 2 gig. i have been intouch with acer but not much sucess. could anyone advise how to get access into the sys? i got as far as removing the front panel :) i'm not a tech head so step by step will help alot.
many thanks in advance for any info

  FreeCell 11:38 15 May 2007

I think you need to undo the screws at the back that hold the case and then it will either have a side panel that removes (left hand side as you look at front) or the case will remove by first moving backwards than up.

Have you used the Crucial Scanner to tell you if ytou have a spare slot for the additional memory? You don't need to open the case at all then.
click here

  acermisery 11:44 15 May 2007

thx for the reply freecell and yes i have used the scanner and it has recommend 2x1gig sticks for around $90.(pcworld price£85.oo per stick) i will have to look into removing side panel as i havnt got that far yet

  acermisery 11:52 15 May 2007

freecell could u advise on this too? crucial scanner came back with using ddr2 5200 but pc world told me its 3200 wots the differance?

  FreeCell 14:09 15 May 2007

Crucial scans what memory you have got and recommends compatible. Are you sure its DDR2?

DDR2 is 240 pin where as DDR is only 184 pin. You can't put DDR2 into DDR slots or vice versa. According to the PCWorld support site an Acer L100 has DDR, 184 pin slots. click here={3309799f-98dd-48b2-817d-6832f02625e0}&CatID={9884f29a-79cb-485f-8d81-6ce72baeb09b}

Higher speed will run okay although at reduced speed in lower speed system

  acermisery 08:17 17 May 2007

freecell just ran crucail again heres the report that came back'

Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300,DDR2 PC2-4200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.*

*Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.

  FreeCell 10:29 17 May 2007

sorry about previous link to PCWorld Support site. Try click here

Does this look like your PC? This says DDR memory, but admits it's a partial write up and looking at other sites it's not like a L100 which is slim and shiney. I have not seen this case before so my earlier comments on gaining access may be wrong. Are there case screws on the rear?

I would trust Crucial if you used the scanner but if still in doubt check what motherboard you have and look up the spec on Google.

You have quoted price in dollars in your post, if you use and you will get UK sterling prices. They are very well rated for service and I have used them a number of times in the past. Their price for 1GB sticks DDR2 4200 is £31.71 each.

  acermisery 21:30 17 May 2007

no just chked that site m8, my L100 is the very slim,compact and shiny, get access by removing one screw from rear then side back and lift off the lid. i have noticed one screw inside the case and when this is removed the insides can be lifted out slightly( dont wanna pull it too much). there is a handle to lift out the insides but dont want to push my luck(cost too much money)

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