ACER Harddrive size taken up

  collinsc 13:45 27 Aug 2007

I had a thought- perhaps loads of the memory is taken up initially and ive not overloaded?

i have a c drive which is: 16.9gb free of 70 gb

and a d drive which is: 70gb free of 70gb

is that normal ? does acer take up most of the c drive!?

  woodchip 14:00 27 Aug 2007

Operating System Takes up the Most on C:\ When Loading Programs you should choose Custom then choose to install to D:\ Also save all your Photos and Data to D:\

  Taff™ 14:02 27 Aug 2007

Acer have an irritating habit of splitting their HDD into two roughly equal partitions (C & D) The idea is that you save your data onto the D drive and then if the System Partition (C) becomes corrupted you can re-install your operating system using the restore DVD we are discussing in your other thread, without losing your data.

Ideally, the split of the partitions would IMHO have been better at 20Gb & 120GB in your case. You notice that your Acer actually has a 160GB HDD - The missing 20Gb I guess is the size of the hidden restore partition. Again I think excessive.

These partitions can be altered using Partition Management software but before you go there let`s sort out the other threads you`ve opened over the last two days - I guess you`d like the wireless working first!

  Taff™ 14:04 27 Aug 2007

Does Vista really use up 15Gb on the system partition?

  woodchip 14:05 27 Aug 2007

Any changes to Partitions can make it as your Acer System Restore Will not Work

  collinsc 14:05 27 Aug 2007

taff id like to sort out the wireless yes- and the music incident. even after the above post- im not sure if its natural or something ive done to fill up the c drive so much?

can i move all my docs to the d drive?

thanks for your continued support taff!

  woodchip 14:07 27 Aug 2007

Vista wil not take up all that, He as loaded a lot on C:\

  woodchip 14:07 27 Aug 2007

Vista wil not take up all that, He as loaded a lot on C:\ Also if Cookies and Temp files not been Cleared these can get very big

  bremner 14:11 27 Aug 2007

A standard Vista install is 11GB - if you have Ultimate with all the bells and whistles this can be up to 15GB

  paul€ 14:13 27 Aug 2007

Vista should use about 8Gb.

Download and use treesize as mentioned in your itunes thread. It will show you were your space is being used.

  collinsc 14:14 27 Aug 2007

well all ive loaded is my personal files. i am currently transferring them to the d drive-
but that is only 3.17 mb for all my files....!

and ive not been online to get any temp files or anything...

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