acer freeze after start up

  jackdouglas7 19:23 17 May 2009

My daughters acer pc with vista freezes soon after start up. She has to turn it off then on and then it runs fine.
Any ideas why as its a pain and i suspect not good for the desk top ?

  mooly 07:38 19 May 2009

Any warning or error messages. How far does it get before it freezes ?
You could try system restore to go back to a date when you know it was OK. May be worth running the sfc command to repair any damaged files.
Click the start orb and right click the "command prompt" option and select run as admin. Type exactly sfc /SCANNOW and press enter, note the space and capitols. Takes 45mins or so.
Being an Acer it will have a recovery partition that should allow you to restore to "out of the box" condition if needed. Did you burn a recovery disc at the start as prompted ?

  jackdouglas7 15:29 19 May 2009

No error or warning messages. It freezes normally after a couple of mins normally after you have got onto the first page of a web site. I did do a back up disc and have tried to do another but it keeps failing.
Is there any spaces before and after the / ?

  mooly 18:53 19 May 2009

Yes, sfc a space then /SCANNOW. If you just type sfc and press enter it will give you all the options and correct syntax.
Is it just web access that's freezing ie you can't even close the tabs or close internet explorer or the whole pc. Sounds a bit strange tbh.
I think you can recover the entire hdd as I mentioned, either from within windows under the Acer "erecovery" program or by by rebooting and pressing continually ALT and F10 during the first seconds of it booting up.

  jackdouglas7 19:12 19 May 2009

I didnt put the space in after sfc as I did this before your reply, however the results were
"windows resource protection found corrupt files but unable to fix some. Details in CBS log. windir\logs\CBS\CBS.log.
which doesnt mean much to me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 19 May 2009

In the CBS.log use Find to check for "cannot repair" and Find Next to find other files that could not be repaired.
Write down the names of the corrupt files that could not be repaired.
Then go to Repair Vista Options and follow
the steps to fix your computer.
You may eventually have to Access System Files on Your Vista Install DVD to copy good files to your OS to replace the corrupt files.

  jackdouglas7 23:09 19 May 2009

Will give it a go thanks . How do I get into the CBS log ?
Also the pc came pre installed with vista so I dont have a vista install DVD.

  mooly 07:27 20 May 2009

Have a read here
click here

If you click the start orb and type in the search box acer that should list all acer programs and files. Is erecovery there ? Also a full user manual in pdf form should be present (it is on mine) that tells you how to run it.
You can also try continually pressing ALT and F10 as mentioned before to access this during those first few seconds it boots up.

  jackdouglas7 00:15 21 May 2009

I followed your link but nothing happened in the command screen when I pressed enter so still unable to find CBS log even using the pdf user manual which didnt mention it
I put in "repair" in the search and it brought up "repair exe". This listed DLLS and all were ok but one.
AVS Mobile Device 2 Active sync.dll

I can find erecovery and I do have my origional dvd recovery disc but am concerned that I wipe the C drive and my daughter looses all her music and pictures etc.

  mooly 07:42 21 May 2009

If it were me I would definitely run erecovery to do a factory reinstall. First choice for that is from the hidden partition running erecovery options from within your current set up. The recovery disc (you mean one YOU created when it was new) is fine too but more prone to error, if it's marked or scratched.
As to losing personal stuff. I would just back up to either USB flash drive or SD cards. Dead easy to do. It also depends how big all the files are. Music is the killer ! For example, to back up documents, insert a flash drive or card and click on documents and if you hover the cursor over each folder that will tell you how much space each item uses. If you "right click" each folder there is an option "send to" where the card or flash drive will be listed. Probably as drive "F" It's that easy. If you know that the space of "all" the stuff in documents is less than the space on the drive then you can just (after opening documents) right click "documents" in the left hand pane (under folders) and again select send to. This copies ALL the contents over in one go. Try it ! Remember you can use as many cards or drives as you need. Do the same for pictures, on the same card if theres room, they take more room but you would need a lot to fill a 2gb card up. And the same for music.
Take the card or USB drive out. Reinsert and "Auto play" should kick in and offer the option to "view files and folders" Have a look and all your stuff is there. If Autoplay doesn't kick in just click the start orb and "computer" and the memory device will show as a drive "F" probably. Right click it and choose "explore" and all your copied stuff is there. To move stuff back (to a clean install) just right click each item and use the "send to option" and choose "documents" Doesn't matter that you send pictures or music there, you can move them all where you want after.
It takes 10 times longer to read this than do it !
If your memory device needs erasing and formatting first you can do that from "computer" Just right click and select "format" not the quick option and select "restore device defaults"
When you run erecovery remove ALL devices first.
If you get stuck just ask.

  jackdouglas7 23:58 26 May 2009

Many thanks it seems ok now. If it changes I will let you know and repost.

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