Acer Ferrari 3400 noices and stop

  loquito 18:01 11 Feb 2006

While writing a World document the laptop just started making some clicking noices and laptop cease to operate normally and I had to turn the power off.

I inserted the battery in and tried to start the laptop with the battery only but without results. Any intent to use the main produced the same noice (clicking). The Ferrari windows appeared but Windows XP did not started. I have hundred of photos in this laptop and I afraid I may lost all of them.

Few months ago I have noted that this laptop used to warm quick and the internal fan usually was on all the time.

Could someone give some diagnosis of possibles causes and also some cures for this. The Ferrari was bought November 2004. I has also had a Sony Vaio and this laptop also stop to operate normally after 1.5 year. What should I do?


  Forum Editor 18:11 11 Feb 2006

could have one of several causes.

If the computer isn't loading Windows it sounds as if the problem may be hard-drive related. Are you in the habit of running this machine with the battery removed, and if so, why?

  loquito 18:47 11 Feb 2006

Forum Editor:

Thank you for the comments. Yes sometimes I use this laptop without the battery in. Is it bad to do this? What happen is that I mainly use this laptop only to download photos from my Digital camera and sometimes it takes two months between uses. The manual recommends to take the battery out if the laptop is without use for some time. This last time I took the Ferrari, I did not put the battery in back. I do not remmeber reading any manual advising not to use the laptop from the main without the battery in. Perhaps this is the cause for the failure!!

If the problem is the harddrive, will it mean that I will lost all my photos?

Further comments in this matter will be very helpfull.


  Marque1 20:48 19 Feb 2006

Hi there,
I have the same problem with my Ferrari 3400. I took it already to service and they changed memory bar. But it helped a bit with this problem. Time by time it doesn't start. I tried to find out the reason and I found a discussion forum where they said that there are incompatibilities with VIA AGP driver and AMD 64bit processor. Some users there recommended to uninstall latest VIA drivers and use standard ones, provided by Microsoft. Also BIOS AGP speed settings should be 4x instead of 8x.

  woodchip 20:53 19 Feb 2006

AS FE it's your Hard Drive that's corrupt or duff. If corrupt it could be caused by faulty ram

  Marque1 21:35 19 Feb 2006

I got this problem solved and I will explain here how it goes.

1) I pushed power on button as long as it finally started (took an hour).

2) When Windows XP finally loaded, I opened Start > Settings > Control Panel > System

3) Then opened page 'Hardware' and there Device Manager.

4) Expanded System Devices and selected there VIA CPU to AGP Controller, mouse right click Update driver...

5) Answered: No-not this time to first question. Next >

6) Answered: Install from a list or specific location. Next >

7) Answered: Don't search. I will select by myself. Next >

8) Chose basic driver, provided by Microsoft. Next>

9) System installs old driver and ask for reboot. When this was done, my computer is working like before.

Hope this helps.

  loquito 16:04 20 Feb 2006

Marque 1:

Many thanks for the comments:

I expect to do the same procedure you took, but could you confirm please, that you kept the finger on the "ON" button for one hour? or you left the laptop for near one hour doing the noise and then the laptop stop doing the noise and Windows XP starts?. My laptop make this noise (metal clicking) all the time. Do I need to listen this noise for about one hour before my laptop bring Windows XP to live?


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