Acer Ferrari 3200 upgrade

  colind4 16:56 08 Jul 2008

Hi i bought my laptop acer ferrari 3200 3years ago and i was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade the hard disk which is a 80gb 4200rpm ATA to something that is much higher. I m looking at 160gb 7200 rpm if those are available. i wan wondering whether my particular laptop supports 7200rpm and whther i would be able to upgrade the memory to 160gb.
I have read in some other forum that the controller for the acer ferrari doesnt support over 100gb and anything over 4200 rpm. i wanted to know whether this is true and if not it would be possible for me to upgrade my laptop.
Also i was wondering if i would be able to upgrade the RAM to 2gb DDR 333Mhz directly or whether i would need to buy 2 1gb's and use both the slots.


  jack 19:40 08 Jul 2008

any other form of upgrade on a laptop is to be considered a No No
Yes- hard drives can be replaced but within limits.
Even the memory may not be able to be 'upped' as much as you would like.
If you are dedicated hobbyist and want to go deep- no harm in trying.
But for yer average user leave well alone.
These things are designed and built as integrated units- 'No user serviceable parts inside'- is a good epithet

Go to W H Smith on a Thursday and purchase a copy of MicroMart- that has all the lowdown and suppliers.

  colind4 19:49 08 Jul 2008

So i can do it or would you think i would have a problem in upgrading my hard drive for the laptop?


  ambra4 03:52 09 Jul 2008

Go to Crucial and do a scan it will tell you the type of memory that you need to upgrade

Max memory that the Acer Ferrari 3200 can take and is 2048MB

click here

With regards to the hard drive have not heard about the hard drive speed or size being restricted by

any computer manufacturer, there is no good reason why the hard drive cannot be upgraded to a

160Gbs 7200rpm

  jack 09:51 09 Jul 2008

Can be imposed by the the operating system and the Chipset used.
Checkout from the manufacturers Web site.

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