Acer F5 Recovery Disc

  ThickMick 17:08 31 Dec 2006

Just bought an Acer F5 Power Desktop. On initial start-up made a recovery CD which when I tested asked for for a 2nd Cd or DVD to be inserted. Tried the one I had made as the 2nd one as well but ejected.

Do have a disc with Lanscope on but do mention what to do with this CD.

Any help appreciated as shop purchased from unsure what to do even though it is a computer shop.

Regards andf Happy new year

  Totally-braindead 18:15 31 Dec 2006

If no one else answers try here and see if it tells you click here

  woodchip 18:56 31 Dec 2006

No IDEA but If the computer is still working OK, I would use True Image and creat a Image of all Partitions. Stored on another drive and DVD's

  ThickMick 18:57 31 Dec 2006

Thanks T-B

Had looked there but with your link actually found some mention of restore but not about number of discs. However does mention a desktop icon which is missing on my computer so perhaps didn't install correctly.

  ThickMick 19:35 31 Dec 2006

Thanks to both of you. Have bought copy of True Image on E Bay

  Graham. 19:51 31 Dec 2006

A Recovery will normally require 1 DVD or 5 CDs. You should have been prompted to insert further discs.

  Pengy1 19:56 31 Dec 2006

I had a similar problem with an Acer E300 desktop & I called the Acer helpline explaining the situation.They downloaded an application form which I filled in [lots of numbers] & sent me a recovery disk for free.

  terryf 20:09 31 Dec 2006

I suggest that you stick with True Image because it will provide you with a backup that contains all your current programs.Use dvd rw for the backup and also burn a recovery cd using true image, you boot up with this TI cd and it will load TI, then you can restore from your backup. The advantage of this TI boot is that it doesn't matter if windows is flakey. You should consider having more than one backup, one that you know has a rock solid version of win and your programs, then back up your data on an incremental basis. on my machine (not a laptop) i only have os and progs on C and 16gb of C backs up to an acronis file that is about 8gb (but I have the luxury of having a D drive, which version of TI did you buy 9 or 10? because 10 will let you backup folders and from memory 9 is all or nothing.

  ThickMick 20:38 31 Dec 2006

True Image looked good and will stick with that as have 2nd hard drive installed and will keep dvd copy as well.

Had e mailed Acer so will see if they offer the application form as well.

Thanks for the advice and Happy New Year

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