Acer Extensa 5620z reinstall query??

  ashleycardwell94 21:35 29 Apr 2010

I have been asked to reinstall windows vista home premium 32bit. The laptop has a partitioned 80 GB hard drive. These are the labels:

I have removed all of the data required from the ACER drive but i havent formatted it.

When starting up, Pressing F8 gives me options for "safemode" and other with one with "repair your computer".

When i selct "Repair..." it boots up like a virtual machine in windows and asks me to select the keyboard language. I selected the UK.

I am asked to select a username from the local machine to log on with.

I use the login username selected from a list
i chose steve.
There is no password

i click OK

I am prompted with 5 options as follow:
1) Startup repair
2) System Restore
3) Windows Complete PC restore
4) Windows memory diagnostic tool
5) Command Prompt

i chose number 3

I am prompted with a message saying: No valid backup locations could be found.

The DATA (D:) drive contains a file called MediaID.bin and that is all.

The computer recovered from a virus that had already taken effect slowing the computer down to a crawl. the MediaID.bin file is 1KB.
From previous experience, this isnt right,
how can i install windows vista? there were no CD's provided with the laptop on purchase.

  Strawballs 21:51 29 Apr 2010

I have just done this with my Acer Aspire laptop and when you first have it you are prompted to make 2 restore DVD's and when you do it erases the hidden partition so ask the owner if they have the disc's prompted to make when first used.

  ashleycardwell94 21:56 29 Apr 2010

NO, he wasnt prompted and he hasnt made them. whats the MediaID.bin file?

  Strawballs 21:59 29 Apr 2010

I don't know, my Data D drive was totally empty when the machine was new sorry

  ashleycardwell94 22:00 29 Apr 2010

tahnks, where could i get a recovery disk from, where do i get the files?

  Strawballs 22:11 29 Apr 2010

see if this helps click here

  ashleycardwell94 22:34 29 Apr 2010

You are a bloody genious, if there is anyway to repay for the help just send me a message. Im a techie with computers but not familiar with ACER at all. Most of my systems are home built so i odnt get the crap supplied with new pc's. and my laptop, well that i purchased a number of years ago and it didnt come with branded crap. thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Strawballs 12:19 30 Apr 2010

Just googled Acer Extensa 5620z recovery disc, so not that clever but glad to have helped.

  Strawballs 13:11 01 May 2010

Most of mine are self built except the Acer lappy which was a christmas present from the kids so know were you are coming from

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