ACER Erecovery management

  collinsc 09:43 08 May 2011

Hi When i purchased my acer laptop (about 3 years ago) i recall making a back up using ACER Erecovery management - i do still have these disks. The ACER Erecovery management on my desktop says 'no back up file exists'.

I regularly back up my system and personal files on to an external hard drive - will this suffice? Should i be making further backups with the ACER Erecovery management function? Are the disks i made 3 yrs ago relevant in event of a system crash?


  collinsc 09:45 08 May 2011

Addition: This Aspire 5613AWLMi - thanks

  proudfoot 10:12 08 May 2011

How do you backup your System and personal files to your external H/D. I use Acronis TrueImage, but Easeus Free Backup from will do the job. The Acer backup software on my wife's laptop does not work and she makes backups using Acronis TI.

  robin_x 10:28 08 May 2011

Discs degrade or get scratched, even when hardly used.

Ideal is keep another set of discs or a copy of them on the external drive. At least you can make another set on another computer.

That gets you back to Factory settings and you restore your backups and reinstall apps that you already made.

A recovery partition on the main drive does the same. It is no good in the event of drive failure or corruption.

I am still rebuilding my laptop from a factory restore two days ago, bit by bit as I remember what I need. Note: I HAD to use my DVDs, the Recovery Partition stopped halfway through and told me to contact Cust Support.

Also when I started the DVDs going I got off to a bad start by leaving my external drive plugged in as well. Although not needed, the recovery went wrong and wiped it instead of my main drive. I did NOT select any wrong destination. So lots of fun getting it all sorted.

All my backups/data of course lost but still on the main drive.

An easier way is to make regular System Images with a boot CD. If you can keep one that is clean with a minimum of apps and junk installed it is very quick.

Drive Imaging Software

  proudfoot 12:27 08 May 2011

I use my copy of TI to backup the C partition of my internal drive that my system and program files are on to a dedicated Backup folder on my 1TB USB external drive. All my data video music etc on my USB drive and is backed up to a backup partition on my internal drive. With this system if either drive has an unrecoverable problem the only problem is financial, that is finding the money for a new drive aand then carryig out a restore which will take a lot less time than a reinstall of Windows and programs.

  collinsc 17:21 08 May 2011

how do i do backups? i just drag and drop into the folder

  woodchip 18:03 08 May 2011

collinsc Nothing wrong doing that with your personal Files and Documents, The Discs you created a means of restoring the PC to Factory Setup as when you created the discs. This is in case you have problems with the Operating System. On the Other hand they may not be no good if the Hard Drive fails. That's most of us in the know on this site use Acronis True Image as you can restore to a new drive from the backup if needed. This backup is best on a USB external Drive

  collinsc 17:38 10 May 2011

thanks all

  raziel08 20:52 10 May 2011

I can pretty much verify from experience that you should not purely rely on the Acer Erecovery discs that your made.

When my own Acer's HDD failed i saved up for an new HDD and installed it; i thought it would be no problem to re-install vista again.

I was wrong as the recovery discs will only work with the same HDD; because there is an hidden partition or software which these discs rely on to work. Without that the discs are only good for use as frisbees :)

As advised here by others its well worth investing in back up software free or otherwise.

Not tried this one before but might be worth a try

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