Acer Empower Backup Problem

  crosstrainer 07:56 19 Nov 2006

Hi All

Does anyone know what could be causing my aspire notebook (xp media centre, 2gb Ram) to error out in the backup process with the message "path name to long"?

I have uninstalled the empowering techno;ogy software utility that is responsible for backing up the os etc, downloaded and reinstalled the newest versions but the problem persists. The backup image file is stored on a hidden partition and should be overwritten each time a new backup is created.

I can (and have) backup to dvd, but am not sure I trust the recently made set due to this problem.

Thanks for any advice


  wiz-king 08:26 19 Nov 2006

It may be that you have used folder or file names that are longer than allowed, or have too many folders within folders. I used to get a similar message when trying to burn 'my documents' to a CD on my old machine - it was caused by my neat and tidy filing system!

  crosstrainer 09:09 19 Nov 2006

I too have a neat and tidy approach... but the laptop is brand new, and the only limitation (according to Acer) is the length of the backup name.. 30 characters max.. have even tried accepting the default "user backup..etc" but same occurs. Only thing I can think of is (A) I have recently installed Kapersky Internet security suite or (B) have Upgraded from 1gb to 2gb of memory. Think either of these could be the problem? Folders are the same as the last backup except a lot of my music collection has been copied across from one of my other pcs.


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