Acer diagnostic

  robihun 14:17 14 Jan 2009

looking to d/load acer AL1914W diagnostic cd,for friend with serious comp probs,tried Acer site, no joy! on p/bell myself so not sure they even do one, any suggestions as always appreciated.

  MAJ 14:29 14 Jan 2009

The acer AL1914W is a monitor not a computer. What problems is your friend having?

  robihun 14:48 14 Jan 2009

thanks for reply, he has not defragged since brought(2yrs) running a buisness,so have chkdsk for him,and advised defrag after closing,think on vista home premium? and going in on friday after closing to sort it hopefully? would rather have the option of a diagnostic cd to be on the safe side, you spotted monitor asa so sounds like you could really help,once again thanks.

  MAJ 15:04 14 Jan 2009

That's fine, robihun, but what problems is he getting with the computer? Chances are it just needs a good clean out. If that is the case and CHKDSK hasn't/doesn't report a problem with the hard drive, then download, install, update and run scans with both MBAM click here and Superantispyware click here Remove anything they find, then run a cleanup with CCleaner click here After that do a defrag of the hard drtve, Defraggler click here is pretty good.

  robihun 20:19 14 Jan 2009

ta again,since last msge,found out all his main docs on (C:) drive,? last shout 4% after 2hrs basic defrag,dont want d/load any s/ware until basics complete,as for your progs ,mbam 4/10, sas 9/10, cc 2/10,unless your completely comp literate,Defraggler d/loading myself now,as had never heard of it,use o&o which takes time but gives alternative options and is far more thorough than w/dows.Am still painfully comp illiterate,but have managed to sort out a few comps successfully,nearly always with the aid of (after going through the basics) utility/diag cd`s of base comp,Friend needs comp as new business,and used 8/5days,will know more friday evening and give you update.nice to know still people out there who are willing to help.Cheers

  MAJ 20:32 14 Jan 2009

I wouldn't defrag until you have run the scans and cleaned up, robihun, as you will be deleting [probably] a lot of files, deleting those files will fragment the drive more. It can take quite a while to defrag, it's best done overnight and in Safe Mode to avoid any thing running in the background which will halt the defrag.

Mbam and SAS are fairly straigtforward to use, just run a complete scan with both (not at the same time though) and let them delete what they find.

CCleaner can be a little more involved, but if you leave it at the defaults, then "Analyse", then "Run Cleaner", it should clean most of the rubbish, temp files, temporary internet files etc.. If you're not confident with using it, don't go near the registry cleaner part.

  lotvic 00:11 15 Jan 2009

I do hope you at least made a backup copy of the data files in 'My Documents'

You still haven't said what the 'serious comp probs' are or what O/S or much of any details regarding the system.... The mind reader is not back till Easter ;-)

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