Acer Computers - are they trying to rip me off?

  superhoops 19:26 05 Mar 2008

I phoned Acer tech support last week as my laptop (under a year old and still in warranty) needed a restore to factory fresh due to running slow etc etc- I do this about once a year on my desktop. I have been unable to restore it myself as the erocovery program on the laptop wouldn't work and just restarted the laptop. I have never had a recovery disc as they don't supply one and the software never instructed me to make one when the unit was new (i understand that it is supposed to.
When I phoned their tech support I was told the laptop would have to go back as there was a possible hardware fault (this is all in addition to the dvd writer not working properly). I sent the laptop back by courier as instructed and today have received a letter from them stating that they want £50 to repair the laptop. If I don't want to proceed they want £41.13 to return it unrepaired.
I haven't phoned them yet as I have only just opened the letter but before I do would like to know your thoughts. Should I have to pay £50 for something that is surely a warranty repair? Thanks for reading.

  skidzy 19:33 05 Mar 2008

If a hardware fault,then Acer are responsible.However if the machine was running slow due to the fact of installed programs and general use...basically any software you may have loaded,you will be liable.

Have they (Acer) confirmed the fault if any ?

  superhoops 19:38 05 Mar 2008

Hi. No they haven't confirmed a fault, the quotation simply says" Software Rec To Preload Status" £50. I would have thought that the fact that the machine never prompted me to make a recovery disc when it was first run, as it should, meant that there was inherent fault? I havent really installed a lot of software (Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, not much else). My reason for contacting them wasn't the slow running but the fact that it won't restore as it should.

  skidzy 19:44 05 Mar 2008

Interesting thread here click here
can you confirm you followed the procedure to the letter,it can be a wee bit tricky if your timing is not spot on...though i guess this does not help you much in this situation.

Personally i would argue politely to start with,though it sounds like Acer are charging you to restore the computer for no apparent reason.

  superhoops 19:52 05 Mar 2008

Thanks for that. Yes I tried both Alt/F10 and also from the Erecovery program preinstalled on the machine. You are right that they want to restore the laptop and charge me for it. I can do that easily if it would let me. The reason it went back to them is that it won't let me.

  superhoops 21:14 06 Mar 2008

I phoned Acer today asking why they wanted £50 for what should be a warranty repair. I was told that there was a password stopping them getting into the bios (presumably I put it on when the laptop was new but I had forgotten about it). As a result they wanted £50 to remove the password protection! Would it not have been simpler to have phoned me-they have my number- and asked me what the password was? Why is communication so difficult for some?

  daze77 11:24 07 Mar 2008

i had problems with them too, a friend showed me this site, heres the url
click here
good luck

  crosstrainer 11:30 07 Mar 2008

Come pre-loaded with a backup partiton, and when first booted, should give you the option of creating restore disc's.

If you have not done so, you should have the right (and you do) to system re-set from your supplier.

Post your area to me and I will put you in touch with the right people.

  dms05 16:57 07 Mar 2008

Acer make a point of clearly stating all passwords should be (a) removed or (b) itemised in a note enclosed with the machine. This is in the email you received when they confirmed you should return the laptop. They also state the costs you will incur if you don't comply.

You obviously didn't do either of (a) or (b) and now are faced with the charge they said they would make if you didn't.

The specific quote from the Acer email is:

"Please could you also include, between the keyboard and screen if a notebook, a list of all passwords and user accounts needed to access the system, any BIOS passwords and the eRecovery password. If during the course of the repair a password is needed, but has not been supplied, the machine may be returned to you unrepaired without further notice, or charged for the software to be re-installed."

  superhoops 18:50 07 Mar 2008

daze77 Interesting site, appears that the discs don't contain windows, if I was to restore the laptop I would need a disc containing windows

crosstrainer When the machine was first booted it did not, to my memory, give me the option of making a restore disc. If it had of done I would have definitely done it. The machine is still with Acer. I spoke to them on the phone yesterday and supplied them with the password that I think I would have used-I don't remember passwording the bios- I also asked them to phone my mobile if there are any problems. I have not heard from them today so time will tell.

dms05 I have not received any such email and if I had I would obviously have complied

  Totally-braindead 18:54 07 Mar 2008

I have no knowledge of the Acers but the Dells come with an instruction book that that explains about your PC and tells you to make a backup disk. I must admit that this advice in the case of the Dell is just briefly mentioned in the middle of a fairly flimsy manual and could see how anyone could miss it. Maybe the Acer is the same?

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