ACER blank screen bother

  buzcheva 14:13 11 Nov 2008

I have a 6 month old ACER 5715z laptop which will no longer boot up. The other day I turned it on and tried to get on the internet. Windows explorer was not responding so I closed it down and tried to restart it.
On restarting the HD made a few noises then stops at a blank screen with a moveable cursor (the cursor is bigger the normal)

I have since tried to restart with both the “start windows normally” and “repair windows” settings but to no avail. On one occasion from the "repair" option I got a blue screen with the c000021a error code but solutions to this involve windows starting up and I cant get that far.

I am running windows vista home

I have also tried (with the help of a friend) the following

Safe mode is the same, as is all other the boot options.

I was wondering if anyone can help me?

  The Brigadier 14:15 11 Nov 2008

If it's still under warranty suggest you get it looked at?

  Audio~~Chip 14:18 11 Nov 2008

if the noise was like a pinkin, but if it was like a grinding then is the Fan blade in the cooling system.

Thing is these noises you mention, is this just a description of you saying the laptop when powered on noise or was it a unusual than anytime before noise.

  buzcheva 14:23 11 Nov 2008

sorry.......i meant a noise as in it was starting up normally then when it gets to the black screen i get a double click at regular intervals..

I am not sure if its still under warranty but i am loathe to send it back as i have heard there is a cost in order to get it back

  T0SH 14:59 11 Nov 2008

That double click sounds very much like a hard drive initiation failure meaning the drive is unable to find the start datum point it needs to establish before it can read data from the drive, all in all not an uncommon failure in hard drives and more so in laptop drives, from which there is normally no recovery except replacing the drive, to do this you would need to return it to the maker or their service agency who have access to pre-imaged drives containing the OS and the programs as it came out of the box

Cheers HC

  tullie 15:12 11 Nov 2008

You should return it to the retailer if under warrenty.

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