Acer backup or Acronis True Image

  bert52a 15:09 10 Mar 2011

I finally decided to buy myself a desktop hard drive to backup my pc. It's an iomega and works fine.
The thing is I have a Dell machine and it has its own backup software but Iomega have given me a free AcronisTrue Image Personal Disc and I don't know which would be better.
Vista os

  Nontek 15:10 10 Mar 2011

I would go with Acronis.

  compumac 15:14 10 Mar 2011


  rawprawn 15:38 10 Mar 2011


  ICF 15:51 10 Mar 2011


  bert52a 16:01 10 Mar 2011

3/3.That settles it then.Cheers!

  Muergo 16:47 10 Mar 2011

If you have enough space I would do both. my recent experiences have taught me that one backup is not enough after I screwd up trying to retrieve one of them, fortunately had the other untouched.

I was using Acronis as well, the latest version True Image 2010 I have found much easier to use than Acronis 9. and has continuous or instant burst backup as well for those like me forget.

Experience with "System Restore" has been terrible, each time I have really needed it it didn't work even in Safe Mode.

  User-312386 16:58 10 Mar 2011

Make it 4/4 lol. Acronis all the way, it beats everything

  mooly 18:44 10 Mar 2011

I recently gave a copy of ATIP to friend that I got free with an HDD from Argos... Acronis was free, not the friend ;)

however... it's a limited functionality offering in that only full images are possible and not incrementals etc unless you unlock the features by paying.
The ability to do daily incrementals is something I couldn't do without now.

  morddwyd 20:22 10 Mar 2011


  robin_x 21:47 10 Mar 2011

I echo muergo's caution. Have two valid images available if possible.

Use Acronis for one. If Acer is any good use that for the other. I am not familiar with it.

Alternate which you use. Say every week or so.

For important files then make Backups (not images) of them. Backup daily perhaps for those. Or when you modify the files.

Allway Sync is supposed to be good.

For imageing, my current (free) allegiance is to Paragon Backup and Recovery 2011 (advanced) Free

I had a look earlier at it's functions (after mooly's post) and it does have an incremental backup.
I have tested it twice and it takes the same time as a full image (40GB in 40mins USB2) but only makes a folder size of 1.5GB.
Difference between tests was one additional shortcut on my desktop.

Dunno if that is normal ie is Acronis similar on incrementals?

It's still a great application though.

Also Macrium Reflect Free.

Compare with Acer to see which are most suitable for you.

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