Acer Aspire T180 - Motherboard needed

  Simon1908 13:51 31 Mar 2009


I've seen lots of posts on here and other forums about people with Acer T180 desktops who get the Acer splash screen of death (PC boots to white Acer splash screen with Del and F12 options but the keyboard doesn't respond).

I've got the same problem, since one of my USB ports came apart when I was removing a memory stick and the PC died. The bit that came out was the piece of plastic which insulates the pins from each other in the port. I assume some pins touched something they shouldn't have, caused a short circuit and fried something on the motherboard. The PC still powers up, HDD works and is readable in another PC, DVD drive has power but can't be booted from. No beeps on boot when all components are connected so I don't think it's something loose.

Anyway I've followed suggestions others have made, including:
1. Removed every component connected to motherboard ports (USB, HDD, OD, audio ports etc), basically everything except power and one stick of RAM. No improvement.
2. Reset the CMOS. No improvement

So I guess the problem is down to either the motherboard or part of the power supply. I have a few questions:

1. The motherboard model number is MCP61SM-AM - which apparently was originally made by Foxconn - does anyone know where I can get a suitable replacement, ideally one which can take the existing RAM? I saw this one suggested in another forum - click here - but as I don't have the full spec of my existing dead mobo, I can't tell whether it matches well enough. If someone can tell me where I could find the spec of my T180 and/or the original motherboard, that would help a lot.

2. Is there a way to check the PSU to make sure that's not it? I have a multimeter and there are a limited number of power leads coming from it so presumably if I knew what voltage/current should be coming from each lead I could say whether it was ok?

If I end up shelling out for a new motherboard AND a new PSU, so be it, but the other alternative is to buy a new PC (which I haven't completely ruled out, but would rather take the cheaper option of fixing this one).

All and any advice gratefully received.

  PO79 14:09 31 Mar 2009

Maybe the BIOS chip has gone, can be replaced for under £14.00 from click here

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