The Acer Aspire T180 boot up problem again

  Stuart1001sailin 22:37 09 Jan 2009

As already experienced by others I have the dreaded boot up problem, but at the moment it is intermittent, but getting worse. Turning on the post screen you can see that it hangs up either before the memory check or during the memory check. If it gets as far as the IDE part then it will boot up. I've tried taking the RAM out, swapping it around, disconnecting things all to no avail. When it boots up then it runs fine, so it doesn't appear to me to be a PSU problem. Since the problem is intermittent I can't think that it is a corrupted BIOS, else it would never work. So any ideas which component is likely to be breaking down to cause this problem? Does it mean a new mobo?

  Terminus90 23:23 09 Jan 2009

Have you tried booting with the last known good configuration? Press F8 at start-up and this will open the startup menu, from this menu choose, last known good configuration. If this doesn't help then from the same menu bott into safe mode and try a system restore to a time before things went haywire.

  Stuart1001sailin 11:25 10 Jan 2009

Thanks. I don't think that it is anything to do with Windows because when it hangs up it hasn't even started to read the hard drive. It seems to be the initiation of the PC is where the problem lies. I'm not sure that is the proper terminology, but I think it's called the POST screen, and this is where you can see it stop either before it gets to the memory check or during the memory check. So far if it gets past that it carries on. I've tried swapping the memory sticks around using one at a time in slot 1, on the assumption not all of them would have a fault, and this makes no difference. If you leave them all out then it beeps, presumably because it cannot find any RAM, and doesn't get going at all.

  birdface 11:30 10 Jan 2009

You have not left a disc in one of the drives have you.

  Stuart1001sailin 11:44 10 Jan 2009

No, there are no disks in the CD drive, (there is no floppy drive). Interestingly enough I have tried changing the boot order so that it should look for the CD drive first, just to see if it would boot off a CD, and it seems to ignore that and go straight to the hard drive, (that is when it does work). Other changes to the BIOS do seem to take effect, like show the POST window. By the way the problem started before I made any changes to anything. The PC has been working fine for a couple of years and then it started to have this fault intermittently. If you power off and on enough times it will eventually start. It is as though some component has started to decay. If you switch it off it might come on again OK if you switch it straight back on, or it might not! If you leave it before switching back on it's the same, i.e. unpredictable.

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