Acer Aspire T135, help picking a good graphs card?

  JConcept4 12:38 09 Jan 2007

Hi people,

I've owned a Acer Aspire T135 Sempron 3000+ desktop for the last year and i've been running a Sapphire Radeon ATi 9550 PRO. I've only got 512mb of ram at the minute and want to know which of the following will help me run games at higher settings. (at min I can only run doom3 at med settings and I get abit of laggin when playin over a network)

Should I:

add an extra gig of ram to the 512?
(not sure if this will do anything, might help a little)

get rid of the graphs card and go with a better 1?
(please post any better graphics cards that could really improve my system, looking to spend no more than £80ish)

both of the above?

or should I sell my computer to a friend and buy a new Acer T180 dual core desktop?

I know the t135 is a budget comy but im hoping I can do something with it to help my new gaming fad. Not worth me spending loads as the t180 is only 300new.

Thanks for any advice


My comy spec is:

Acer Aspire T135, AMD sempron 3000+, 512mb DDR400 ram, 80gig hd, Sap Radeon 9550 256mb graph card.

  keef66 12:58 09 Jan 2007

Don't think you can do what you need to for 80 quid. To add another 512 mb ram and put in a better graphics card will cost maybe £120. (For Doom I'd recommend an Nvidia card like 6600GT or a 7600GS)

To be honest you second suggestion makes more sense. Flog the old one and put the money towards buying a core 2 duo based pc with a 7600 GT card and 1 GB ram.

  Totally-braindead 12:59 09 Jan 2007

You need to do a little bit of research. For about £80 you could get a 7600GS card and this would be a large improvement, as would another 512mb RAM but you need to check 2 things.
Firstly regarding the memory goto Crucial and check what they say your computer can take click here it certainly appears it can take more memory. Regarding the graphics card check your power supply. It will tell you the wattage and if the card you pick to replace your 9550 requires a seperate power supply connector you may find you will have to replace the power supply as well as it may not be able to supply enough power. Of course if the card you pick doesn't require a seperate power connector then this is not a problem but most of the newer cards do need more power.
Only you can decide if its more economical to upgrade or buy a new system once you decide what you want but theres 2 things I wish to point out.
Obviously your computer will sell for less than you paid for it so you'll lose money there and will the new computer specification be any better?
Theres no point selling the system you have now if the computer you replace it with has the same amount of memory and a graphics card thats not much better. Dual core won't help all that much with that. You need a reasonable processor, a good amount of RAM and a good graphics card for gaming.
I have a Athlon 64 3500+, with 1 gig of memory, a 7600GS graphics card and a decent quality power supply and it plays everything I've thrown at it so far (although it must be said not at the highest resolution as the 7600GS is not a mega graphics card but its not hundreds of pounds either).

  JConcept4 13:00 09 Jan 2007

Sorry I mmeant no more than £80 for a graphs card. I know i will need to spend more for the mem aswell

cheers JC

  JConcept4 13:13 09 Jan 2007

My comy is expandable upto 2gig of ram so should be ok to upgrade. Please can you tell me if the 6600GT/7600GS card needs a seperate power supply, i've looked on some sites and cant find this out.

The other T180 has 1gig ram, sata 160gig hd, 256 onboard card, athlon 64 x3 3800+. This has been given some good reviews for the price but would prefer to keep my own computer if possible to save spending money if I dont need to.

Thks for the quick replies, top site this.


  Totally-braindead 13:24 09 Jan 2007

I assume its AGP you have as you say you have a 9550 Pro.
The 7600GS click here appears to have a power connector so it looks like it needs more power as does the 6600GT click here. I am going by the picture which appears to have a power connector on the board.
What I would do is check what power supply you have and give Novatech a phone on their sales line. Explain you are looking for a replacement card and ask if they both need extra power.

I don't know if you can get a 7600GS or a 6600GT that don't have a power connector. Perhaps someone else can help with that.

  woodchip 13:48 09 Jan 2007

Buy the Best Graphics card you can afford with your setup.
Memory is not going to help much for games as you do have 512. CPU and Graphics are the most important for gaming

  JConcept4 15:39 09 Jan 2007

Just been reading a few reviews and some people who have bought this machine have been running the 6600GT with no probs. So its just a case of finding the best deal on one of these or wat do you reckon about this

Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB graphics card

I know its not the newest card out but overclockers gave it a good right up and said its still a very good card. Seen one on ebay with a heat sink, the spec seems good to me.

Also seen a 128mb 6600GT with GDDR3, the spec for this also seems very good (better than the above)

Thks for all the help

  keef66 16:17 09 Jan 2007

My preference would be 7600gs, followed by 6600gt

Don't get me wrong, the 9800pro was a good card in it's day, but they have been around a while now, and I probably wouldn't buy one on Ebay.

They all would need an additional power connector which you'll probably find dangling from your psu. Try it and see, rather than buy a bigger psu unneccessarily.

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