Acer Aspire power problem.

  madinnit1974 14:18 07 Jan 2011

Hi I have a Acer aspire 5715z series laptop, the problem I am having is that it wont boot up, it starts and then seconds later shuts down, I think this is due to the battery being dead. I tried to charge it but nothing happens and there is no orange charge light. The fault is not the battery, and not the power cable I have tested both of these. I have stripped it down and removed everything right down to the cpu. No problems with the power input on the board have checked all wiring and solder joints I have tested the board for power and there is power running through the board but still no power to the battery. . Could the fault be with the motherboard and will it need a replacement...

regards Martin.

  northumbria61 14:42 07 Jan 2011

"there is no orange charge light" - I assume you are referring to the light on the battery charger?

  madinnit1974 14:52 07 Jan 2011

yes, there is no charge light, so I assume there is no power to the battery.

  madinnit1974 14:55 07 Jan 2011

also I forgot to mention that when I power the laptop up with battery it comes on for a few seconds and then goes off again, but if I use the mains nothing at all happens.

  northumbria61 15:00 07 Jan 2011

It appears you have a dead/faulty charger if it won't work off "mains" only. If you can, borrow a spare to try but if need be I can link you to some sites for purchasing a new charger (later on today)

  northumbria61 15:03 07 Jan 2011

When purchasing new you need to get correct output - shown on battery as something resembling
19v 3.42A

  madinnit1974 15:09 07 Jan 2011

I have tried a spare charger and the same thin happens

  onthelimit 16:02 07 Jan 2011

As it comes on briefly with the battery, but not with either charger, i'd suggest the problem is with the socket. If you have a multimeter, check if you're getting around 18-19volts on the wiring from charge socket.

  onthelimit 16:04 07 Jan 2011

Sorry, just re-read your first post which says power is reaching the mobo from the charge socket. Did you check that with the battery removed, as residual volyage may be misleading you.

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