Acer Aspire One, dual monitors, how do I work it?

  bengreenslade 21:42 18 Aug 2008

I have a cable on my television which when I plug into an AV out socket the picture on the laptop is placed on the telly. Dual monitors basically.

Anyway I want to plug my Acer Aspire One into this cable so that I can see whatever is on the 9 inch screen on my LCD Television. Now I have plugged in the cable, but my television is telling me that no signal is being recived.

Can someone please tell me how to set up dual monitors on the Aspire one.

My model is running the basic Linpus Linux


  woodchip 22:19 18 Aug 2008

I don't thing the Graphics adapter will support Dual Monitor on the Acer. You can check in Display Properties Under Adapter, this is in Control Panel

  vijovar 07:04 11 Jul 2011

old post but putting the info out there...

firstly make sure you press "Fn" +F5. If that does not wwork probably the display setting of your netbook has to be adjusted. Once that's done,,,still aint wporkin then maybe you're TV cant read this signal. Try to get a PC to TV adapter....can buy it for quite cheap

IF u got all that ready.

Then go into display settings (control panel) ...choose settings on advanced...then click on the tab on the top which should read "Intel Graphics accelerator card for mobile"....then click on "graphics properties".......and there you have the dual dosplay option....make sure you get the right driver for your aspire one from here

hope that works

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