birlow 10:44 01 Mar 2009

I bought a Acer Aspire One for my teenage daughter for xmas and within 6 weeks of her using it the screen stopped working and had like cracked lines in the lcd screen and this happened while it was being used and wasnt from it being dropped or banged or anything, it was always looked after well. So I rang ACER and they asked me to send it to them so did and then a week later got a bill for £140 to pay within a week stating that this damage was not covered under their warranty. They also said that if we dont pay for the repair they will send the notebook back unrepaired and would still charge us £40 for delivery!!! We are fumming and are trying argue the point with them and at the moment we have had no luck!!! Can anybody advise where we stand legally as we are going to try and take it further especially after reading on different forums on the interenet that many others seem to be experiencing the same problem with the Aspire ones screen!! :-(
Please advise????

  mooly 12:22 01 Mar 2009

Tough one to answer that. If you can gather "evidence" that this is a design fault... you might have a chance. Does the lid flex when you open it, something I'm always very wary of with my Acer Aspire. Always open it from the middle with two fingers, equal pressure and so on. That's the only thing I can think of... but it should stand reasonable use of course.
You say internet forums mention this problem specifically... you need evidence to back your claim up unfortunately.

  Graphicool1 13:21 01 Mar 2009

It's all down to what the warranty says. If it's the basic one or if you took out an extended one. From what you are saying it seems unlikely that you took out an extended warranty. click here

  T0SH 13:25 01 Mar 2009

Check your house contents insurance if it covers accidental damage to multimedia equipment, you may well be able claim some of the repair costs back

Cheers HC

  100andthirty 13:36 01 Mar 2009

your contract is with whoever you bought it from, and normal consumer law requires the seller to prove that the fault wasn't present when the item was sold, for up to six months from date of sale.

Warranty from Acer is in addition to those rights.

you do need to contact the seller in the first instance.

Hope this helps

  birlow 15:50 01 Mar 2009

Thank you for your replies but we didnt take out any extra warranty protection and also the netbook was purchased from Empire Direct which has now gone into liquidation. I do firmly believe that Acer should replace the LCD screen as it seems like it it is quite a common fault with this netbook and I would of thought if something is faulty through no fault of your own and it is only a few weeks old then it is simply a manufacturing problem!!! Anyway we are not going to let in lie and are in the process of getting back to Acer, we are just trying to find a loop hole or evidence of it being a reoccurring thing!!!

If anybody has any further advice or similar problems just let me know, thanks....

  rickf 16:25 01 Mar 2009

It seems it is a difficult to prove that it developed the fault on it's own. They wll assert that it's due to careless handling etc., I would go down the home contents insurance route.

  100andthirty 18:15 01 Mar 2009

Given the situation with Empire Direct, if you purchased with a credit card, raise the issue with your card provider quickly. They are jointly responsible for the goods along with the original vendor

  richierich 21:33 02 Mar 2009

do not accept any nonsense from Acer, they are notorious for this rubbish trying to fob off customers. If the reseller has gone out of business you claim free repair or a new laptop from acer. Threaten to an issue a county court summons if nessacery. You will win, they will probably relent before it gets to court. I repeat, they are renowned for trying to fob off customers.
The credit card route is also worth pursuing as they will make acer pay.

  woodchip 22:19 02 Mar 2009

Consumer Protection, Ask if them if this does not come under, Not Fit For purpose it was made for Law.

  woodchip 22:55 02 Mar 2009

AS I said above, Consumer Protection are the ones that should know, not us helpers. We will help where we can but as I said I think thats the place to try. Its also Free Advice

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