acer aspire 7000 boot failure

  riverbeast 21:02 17 Jun 2009

hya folk

have a problem with my mates laptop not booting, i press the power switch and the switch turns green, then nothing no fans no screen change no noise absolutley zilch. if i plug the power supply yhe indicator on the front lights up and thats it.
i have tried to remove the battery and boot up from the power supply and its still the same,,,,

any ideas please

  chub_tor 23:17 17 Jun 2009

It sounds like a broken connector where the power supply meets the motherboard. click here for help with diagnosis and repair.

You say that you tried to remove the battery and boot up from the power supply. Did you actually get the battery out?

  riverbeast 05:16 18 Jun 2009

i will take the laptop apart this morning and check, in answer to your question Yes i took the battery out to see if i could boot just using the power supply.

Would the power light still come on if the adaptor connection is broken?

  chub_tor 09:15 18 Jun 2009

I can't be certain about the power light but it is possible it could be on but still not charging. If the light and the charger are wired in parallel with one another it is possible for the charger to fail but still have the light on. Or if the connection is a "dry"soldered joint with a high resistance which allows enough current to operate the light but can't pass enough current to charge that would do it too.

If you have access to a voltmeter you should check that the power supply itself is giving an output first, it almost certainly is and that is why the light still comes on but it wouldn't hurt to check it.

  Taff™ 09:50 18 Jun 2009

Try this - Remove the battery and disconnect the power suppl. Press and hold the power button for a minute then release. Plug in the power supply only and see if it boots.

  riverbeast 15:00 18 Jun 2009

Sorry for the delay in replying, im supposed to be working??

i have tried removing the memory and other bits and no change. ive also tried what Taff suggested so it sounds like chub-thor must be on the ball. i have removed his hard drive and ordered a caddy so i can connect it to a spare pc he can use to enable him to continue running his plumbing business( no back ups silly man)

gonna try the warranty route if it is still aplicable, if not ill have a try at chub's guide

thank you for your assistance i will report back either way and let you know what the problem is for future referance

  config_error 05:04 19 Jun 2009

try to bring your laptop at a service center..

  riverbeast 06:39 19 Jun 2009

try to bring your laptop at a service center..

what or where are these?


  Taff™ 07:26 19 Jun 2009

If this laptop is under warranty that is the way to go. I have to warn you that trying to repair the power jack / motherboard is not for the faint hearted. You should be able to tell if the power jack is loose without disassembling the laptop anyway. The resoldering process needs experience and you need a very high powered soldering iron - otherwise you will literally melt the motherboard with prolonged heat transfer using a low powered one. I agree with config_error - take it to a specialist laptop repairer. Which part of the country are you based?

  riverbeast 13:34 19 Jun 2009

im in wigan, The most important bit was recovering his hard drive so that we can get his business up and running. He is talking to the dealer today and hopefully it will go back. ill just have to copy gis data over before i place his hdd back.

I know there is a couple of pcw**ld around us and also sc*n in horwich who would have a look as well. the advice you have given me as saved a lot of time messing about with "do this and do that" so very much appreciated

thank you

  Taff™ 11:28 20 Jun 2009

Take the independent route. PC World Techguys rarely touch laptops in store as far as I know - they usually have to send them away. Did we establish if this laptop is still under warranty?

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