Acer Aspire 5920 notebook with Vista hanging

  aca 20:47 22 Jan 2009

I didn't know whether this should be a consumerwatch thread but I decided first to try and get some technical advice before letting rip at PC World and TechGuys....

My friend has Acer 5920 Laptop purchased off PCW. It has Vista installed.

It continually hangs, wont run IE now. It starts but wont do a lot else.

On going back to PCW their intial advice to my friend who is a real novice, was to download and flash the bios....

I urged caution. There next advice was to use the recovery disk. Unfortunately my frend has not created this. Although when he brought the laptop he was sold a TechGuys Revovery DVD Pack for £15. He assumed that this was all he needed. On closer inspection today he now sees that within the pack it sais that the DVDs it contains are blank DVDs and that he needs to use the Acer utility to create the recovery disk. (So the £15 was for 3 blank DVDs!! Although they had kindly numbered them 1-3)

The Acer utility wont create disks now, it hangs. Acer want £50 to send one out.

I have decided to have a go at Bios but even on my PC the latest Bios on the Acer site wont download properly.

So if anyone can advise any sensible solution and improve on the TechGuys it would be really appreciated.

I am keen on my friends behalf not to lose data/programmes


  MAJ 20:52 22 Jan 2009

When was the laptop bought?

  aca 20:58 22 Jan 2009


not 100% sure but certainly within the last 12 months, it may actually have been even more recent than that.

My inclination is to take it back to get replacement.

  MAJ 21:04 22 Jan 2009

"My inclination is to take it back to get replacement."

That would be my inclination as well, aca. But if it was bought more than six months ago, the onus is on your friend to prove that the problem was there from the time he bought the laptop. That could entail some cost to him. If it was bought less than six months ago, it is deemed that the problem was there when he bought the laptop and it would be up to PCW to fix it if possible.

I certainly wouldn't flash the BIOS.

  aca 21:27 22 Jan 2009

thanks MAJ

Just checked it was Aug 08

  MAJ 21:32 22 Jan 2009

He wont have much of the six months left then, aca, get PCW to fix or replace it PDQ, else he's into the 'fit for purpose' argument.

  aca 23:33 23 Jan 2009

we have emailed PCW requesting them to fix problem.

As a fall back my friend has found: click here

Have advised that he waits for response from PCW but any views on above appreciated.

  mooly 08:04 24 Jan 2009

Acers usually have a recovery partition accessed during a couple of seconds during boot up, which reinstalls the OS to a factory default ie as it was when new. Your manual will say how to access it if it has this feature. Alternatively if you can boot into Windows I think it may be "alt" and "F10" from within Windows. It was on my Aspire 9301 anyway.

  aca 08:20 01 Feb 2009

Finally looks like getting sorted. Largely due to your advice MAJ thanks!

We wrote to the store and to HQ as you suggested. He took the laptop in last week, and they have found a faulty hard drive, and are either fixing or replacing at their cost.

So hopefully all will be well.

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