Acer Aspire 5741 power help

  Thulana-1623839 12:19 06 Oct 2010

I,m in sri lanka. I purchased an Acer aspire 5741 laptop from Acer dealer in Sri lanka. Suddenly before 2 weeks it stopped working and i couldnt switch on. Even i plug in to charger, the bulb doesn't indicate that laptop get power. When i send it to service center they said BIOS has crashed and they will update BIOS and give it to me. After 3 days they give it. But i noticed that they have opened the back cover ( BIOS are updating normally via internet as i knew ) Then it works fine and but i felt it slows down the laptop. From yesterday again laptop doesn't charge properly. Yesterday charging stopped from 90% and it never goes back past 90% . Today it becomes 88% and from 88 it will never go to higher. Simply laptop doesnt get full charged.

Im afraid that the service people has changed my motherboard. Is that a common thing for acer laptops. Or does it a problem of battery.Or mother board ? I think service people has hide the problem from me. Please help me guys :)

  woodchip 13:54 06 Oct 2010

To me Acer are not good support, with any products

  Thulana-1623839 16:55 06 Oct 2010

Guys please help me in this matter

  Woolwell 17:12 06 Oct 2010

Your laptop has a charging problem. There are a number of reasons including faulty charger, bad battery, bad connection, poor power management. Changing the motherboard in a laptop is fairly major.

Can you reject it and ask for a replacement?

  Thulana-1623839 17:16 06 Oct 2010

Yeah im going to ask for a full replacement since its only 2 months
Now the charging indicator stopped at 87% and didnt go up.In Morning it was 88%. This acer laptop is a piece of shit

  Thulana-1623839 20:29 06 Oct 2010

Is there anyone to help

  robin_x 20:49 06 Oct 2010

Try here, it is usually busier.

If you get better help, mark this solved or say you are dealing now on another thread.

click here

My advice on your problem is also to complain strongly to Acer Supervisor/Manager. Push for replacement.
Also who are responsible for Sri Lanka?
Europe/Africa/elswhere. Complain to Head Office responsible if you cannot get solution.

I cannot help more. There are many possible problems can cause the same symptoms.

General info on batteries. But yours is only 2 months old.
Just keep for future reference.

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Good Luck.

  Thulana-1623839 02:27 07 Oct 2010

Thanks brother
Im going to force them for a replacement. Because i cannot use this bullshit product for so long since its 2 months. Metropoliton computers are the authorized dealer for Sri Lanka. I got this from them.

[url]click here[/url]

I also dont think this is a issue of battery. I think they have changed the Mother board and now the problems happened cz of incompatible mother board

Thanks all..

  Thulana-1623839 15:49 07 Oct 2010

anyone pls

  gengiscant 15:54 07 Oct 2010

Its only 2 months old, I have not got a clue on the laws in Sri lanka but can you not take it back? as it is not fit for purpose.

  Thulana-1623839 16:10 07 Oct 2010

yeah..i also think i can give it to them and get a new one.but all my project works and softwares installed in this laptop..since i have exams on 21st oct, i couldnt install and do all modification in a new laptop..can i fix this hard drive into the new laptop ??

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