Acer Aspire 5738Z won't start up most of the time

  dremoraa 16:56 26 Aug 2010

I am having some problems with my laptop. When it is starting up it gets to a point where there is just a black screen and the cursor on it and nothing happens for about 3mins then it resets and gets to the same point again. Sometimes it gets past it and loads windows and then it works perfectly until I shut it down and it gets the same problem again.

On a few occasions it has shown the blue screen of death before resetting but not long enough for me to read much of it. All I managed to read was "INVALID_KERNAL_HANDLE". I have run windows repair with no success and restoring it to factory default didn't help. I also have the same problems running in safemode.

This problem started about a week after the warranty ran out, so any advise on what the problem is or how to fix it would be much appreciated.

  dremoraa 16:59 26 Aug 2010

I forgot to say. This is using Windows Vista.

  C3 17:05 26 Aug 2010

Download a copy of the Hirens Boot CD and check for any memory errors using the MEMTEST utility (let it run a few passes> If you don't get any RED writing up on the screen, then the Memory is probably ok). Then use the Seagate Seatools utility on the same disc to check the hard drive. If you get any bad sectors then the drive is faulty.
If they both come back ok, then it is looking like a Motherboard issue.
If it has only just gone out of warranty, maybe contact Acer and see if they will help. I've been successful with them dealing with an issue where the laptop was 3 weeks out of warrranty before.

It's a shame, those 5738Z's were nice machines. Very good bang for the buck (at the time!)

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