Acer Aspire 5720 Maximum Hard Drive Size

  lightfeet 22:58 27 Feb 2011

I wish to upgrade my Acer Aspire 5720 with a larger hard drive. Is there a limit on the size I can upgrade to? Currently it has an 80GB drive.

  Audio~~Chip 00:21 28 Feb 2011

if it is then you will need a new Windows CD to replace the HDD

As you Question goes, I wouldn't like to put a HDD over the size of 1TB. If you had to replace the Windows go for 7 64bit premium or ultimate if you can push to it

  Audio~~Chip 00:28 28 Feb 2011

this is the Acer Aspire with the Gemstone ivory white clr keyboard and facia. Compatible with XP, Vista & 7 either 32bit or 64bit. 64bit gives you better support for fitting a maximum of 4GB which is fairly decent.

Acer Driver downloads are here click here
I also note there is a BIOS update for your 5720 but I wouldnt worry about that till you have proceeded on a upgrade.

Memory which if you only have about 512Mb - 1Gb I would recomend the most you can afford. and from click here

  lightfeet 08:02 28 Feb 2011

Thanks Audio~~Chip, the laptop is the ivory keyboard version running Vista with 2Gb Ram. Also thanks for the BIOS update information.

  n47. 13:33 28 Feb 2011

"if it is then you will need a new Windows CD to replace the HDD"

No you don't.

If you use a cheap caddy you can clone the old hard drive over to the new drive [ download the free software from the hard drive manufactures website]. This will copy everything over and you will be able to use the original windows oem disk with it.

  lightfeet 21:23 28 Feb 2011

Unfortunately the laptop came without a Vista disc, so presumably I could copy from the old Hard Drive to the new one?

  n47. 22:18 28 Feb 2011


  lightfeet 23:07 28 Feb 2011

I shall get a 1Gb HDD as they are now so reasonably priced, & if necessary install Win7 although I would like to keep Vista if possible. Thank you for your help.

  n47. 23:22 28 Feb 2011

Try and get something a tiny bit larger than a 1Gb drive. lol

Guess you mean 1Tb drive.

  lightfeet 23:50 28 Feb 2011

Yep, slip of the finger or addled brain! 1Tb it is.

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