Acer aspire 5600 battery problems

  drussell 21:57 26 Nov 2009

My laptop got corrupted so we did a complete re-install of the OS XP I am missing a few drivers which can be sorted but the main problem is if I start with the battery connected it gets all the way to the final screen and locks solid, cursar won't move. Start with no battery using the power lead laptop works fine, internet, emails & the such like? Any answers please??????????

  howard64 16:56 27 Nov 2009

Once it is running can you put the battery in? Is it an almost dead battery? if so try leaving the laptop with battery in and mains connected to see if it just needs to charge up a bit.

  mooly 17:02 27 Nov 2009

Sounds a bit of a strange problem to me. Did it work OK with the battery before all this happened ?

Acers have a recovery partition which will reinstall the OS back to "day one" with all applications and drivers... it sounds like you haven't done that if you are missing drivers etc.

Can't suggest much... it's always worth removing all power and the battery and holding the power button for 20 seconds or so to discharge any capacitors and "reset" the logic. Then refitt the battery and connect AC power.

When the laptop is working can you remove AC power and get it to continue to run normally.

  drussell 20:11 27 Nov 2009

No the battery is fully charged it will start up from it but is frozen. Yes it worked OK before this happened, if you start up from AC power and insert battery afterwards it freezes the computer?

  User-1229748 20:18 27 Nov 2009

how long have you had the battery?may not have the power to run lappy

  User-1229748 20:19 27 Nov 2009

sorry just noticed it freezes when you put battery in when running of ac

  User-1229748 20:29 27 Nov 2009

having said that it may still be battery if you read thru thisclick here

  drussell 21:12 27 Nov 2009

The battery is only 4-5 months old as the company i bought it of secondhand replaced the battery,

  User-1229748 21:55 27 Nov 2009

did you see them put a new battery on?apologies if you did.

  reply4reply 22:09 27 Nov 2009

dont worry this is a known problem with some acer laptops. when batteries need to be replaced that's what happens, you just neee a new batttery
none of the answers here are correct. most are not even answers..

  mooly 07:38 28 Nov 2009

You say it was OK before reinstalling the OS

How did you reinstall... if you didn't use a backup disc (that you burned) or the hidden partition could it be that you are missing the Acer empowering utility etc ?
It's odd it was OK untill you reinstalled.
Does device manager/batteries show any problem ?

It's an interesting issue and Google throws up lot's of hit's for this such as,
click here

as reply4reply mentioned could be the battery.

Lot's of other scenarios too though... freezing when tries to connect to web etc

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