Acer Aspire 5520 NO BOOT

  Nigel321 22:33 24 Jan 2012

Hi Folks, Problem with my desk top XP now my Laptop Acer Aspire 5520 will not boot. Switch on and it will run round on a loop start and stop with a black screen, the onle way to stop the machine is to unplug and take the battary out.... I have tryed to boot with F2 -F8 and F12 the machine will just run on and on starting and stoping and starting again. Is this a hard drive problem and should a new drive be required would it be best to purchase a new machine or replace...Cheers

  lotvic 23:13 24 Jan 2012

Test if it is HDD problem by taking out the HDD and see if BIOS screen POST is okay. If no problem there it should end up by giving you message that no bootable device detected.

Test with battery in and battery out, mains on, mains off etc. it might be a problem with either the battery or the mains connection.

To switch off safely, hold the on/off power button in for about 10 - 20 seconds until it powers down and switches off.

  Nigel321 22:18 13 Feb 2012
  Nigel321 22:26 13 Feb 2012

This a true fact and undertaken by myself (father in law and (Son-in law) as his old machine purchased in 2007 went down and after many hours of trying still could not get it to work.

The computer is an Acer Aspire 5520g which I think was a great machine… the weeks I have been trying to get the Machine to work….. for him …..Switch on and it will not boot and will then switch off and then start again …round and round in a loop… switch off you have to take the battery out…..I used fn and all the keys f2..f8..f10 and f12 and no luck just the same all the time. Spent lots of time on the internet looking at info and some sites gave incorrect info that did not work and a couple of tech sites required UK 45 £ to advise about this problem..

Then on Sunday Morning with little to do and not good weather outside dry but cold back on the internet I went and found a new site only about the Acer 5520g and the same problem that this computer had, it took some time to read all the Guys and Gals around the world who had placed info about this same problem (some wanted to get as one and take a case against Acer etc/. Then CLICK and people in this forum were saying it was the motherboard and not as I had been thinking of the HD as the problem………Now comes the crunch people were advising that one should place the mother board in the oven ….quickly got (Son-In Law) over to read all the details.

We discussed all the possible outcomes over lunch…..had a cup of coffee, and at three pm decided there was nothing to loos we would go for it as with a computer repair man it may cost more than a new machine…to replace the motherboard….so we took it to bits right down to the motherboard and all the items off the board …sound card ..battery the lot…… as said in the internet the cooker was at 200f so we placed to mother board onto some baking paper, so same would not make contact with the metal oven bars and in it went for five minutes….(some ovens may that a longer or short time (fan). When placed in the cooker the solder was quite dark ….when we watched it thru the window It became sliver just like new………taken out and placed on the six we started to put all the bits back on the motherboard and connected all cables to the different bits and to the screen ..replace the case etc and at 8pm it was switch on time ….we sat with our fingers crossed and up came the Windows Vista Sign and the Sign on password ….with all icons on screen ….internet and full sound.

Just Unbelievable ……the problem worldwide would seem that after some years the board has a dry joint’s and should require a new board at great cost… may be more than a new computer…..and yes it is still working after two weeks.. How about that……

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:09 13 Feb 2012

Sometimes a reflow will work not just on motherboards but faulty graphics cards as well.

Having to do one and finding that others have had to do the same, doesn't speak well of the build quality :0(

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