acer aspire 5310 needs all its software

  denis93 00:21 22 May 2013

right the above 2nd laptop came with vista ultamite in it,and it is a vista basic laptop,so who ever put that into it has wiped the erecovery partition,how can i get it back to the acer aspire 5310 vista basic,i know there are drivers on the acer website,but i dont know were to begin.

  Taff™ 07:31 22 May 2013

Go to the Acer drivers and downloads area under support. Select your product from the list Download each driver and make a note of each file name. Start installing them in the following order:

Chipset, LAN driver - now you should be able to connect to the internet using an RJ45 cable to your router. Use Windows update to download all Microsoft updates and pay particular attention to the "Optional" ones related to the hardware. Install the ones offered. When you've finished installing them all and rebooting and rechecking you need to check in device manager for any exclamation marks against drivers.

Go back to your original downloads list and check for the missing one's. You will need to determine for example whether you have an Atheros, Broadcom or Intel wireless adapter. If you have a problem post back and we'll talk you through installing Belarc Advisor. Similarly Camera driverws and VGA driver but these may be installed automatically via Windows update anyway.

  denis93 10:30 22 May 2013

that sounds complicated,all i want is to download the recovery disk and install it in one go

  rdave13 11:34 22 May 2013

First of all check that the key is legible, usually on a sticker underneath the laptop. If it isn't clear then you might as well leave Ultimate on if it's verified. If it's clear then if you can borrow a Vista retail disk from someone, reinstall Vista using the key on the laptop. That automatically sets which version of Vista it will install. You will need to verify by phone. You will also need to go on the Acer site to install all your drivers.

Other costly option (if key is readable) is to contact Acer on 0871-760-1000 from here, for the recovery discs. Have a look at the first post in this old forum to give you an idea, LINK, of cost etc.

The advantage of buying the restore discs is that it will restore the Acer to factory settings including all drivers. Not sure but I think it restores the partition also. Disadvantage is the cost.

  Ian in Northampton 11:35 22 May 2013

I've never heard of anyone being able to download an Acer recovery disk - I don't think it's possible/available. Normally, with Acers, you're asked to make the recovery disk yourself when you first use the machine, so that you can get the system going again if the recovery partition breaks. No disk are provided with the machine. I think you have two options: 1. Do as Taff suggests 2. Contact Acer support - and good luck with that...

Do you know for sure, by the way, that the recovery partition no longer exists? Theoretically, it'd be possible to overwrite the main partition with a new operating system but still preserve the recovery partition. Although getting to it might be problematic. Have youb tried pressing F10 (or Alt/F10) on restart? IIRC, that's what invokes Acer Recovery Management (if it's still there).

  denis93 12:20 22 May 2013

when i do the alt and f10 this is what i see

edit windows boot options for:microsoft windows vista path: \windows\system32\winload.exe

partition: 2

hard disk; 9f374551

[ \noexecute=optout

  Ian in Northampton 14:20 22 May 2013

Can you browse to the files on the other partition? Is there anything there?

  denis93 15:17 22 May 2013

i went into computer,i dont see a partition there

  Ian in Northampton 16:59 22 May 2013

Sounds like your recovery partition no longer exists, then. It was worth a try. Back to Taff's suggestion - or to calling Acer support and spending a shedload of money...

  denis93 17:11 22 May 2013

i phoned them,they want £51.30 for recovery disk ouch.

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