Acer aspire 4315 screen problem

  al's left peg 16:08 07 Jun 2009

Hi guys,

wonder if anybody can help with this. Acer Aspire 4135 laptop when it is booted up the screenis just grey. The laptop is booting up correctly just the screen is not displaying what it should, sometimes it has loads of flashing vertical lines on then it goes grey. It powers up sometimes ok other times it gives this fault and it's getting more frequent.
Any help much appreciatted.

  Ex plorer 16:51 07 Jun 2009

Acer aspire 4315 or Acer Aspire 4135?

Hi found a guy on the net with same problem and he updated the ram and solved the problem. This was with 4135.

  al's left peg 16:55 07 Jun 2009

Thanks Ex plorer,

It's a 4315 I dropped a clanger typing it in, I thought it might be the graphics card/controller. I will try upgraading the RAM, I think I can get another 1GB into it.

  phono 20:07 07 Jun 2009

Before you fork out for more RAM I would check first that it is not a problem with the display.

Try plugging a monitor into the external display (VGA) port and set up the laptop so that it is displaying to both the built in screen and external port, use the Fn + F5 hotkeys to toggle through the various combinations available, see page 28 of your manual.

In this way you will be able to determine if the problem may lie with the laptop display or not as if the built in display is not displaying what it should but the external port is working okay then that is a fair indication that the fault is in the LCD screen or its connectors.

  emanresu 18:59 05 Aug 2010

i have the same problem with my acer extenza 5320 laptop. i have upgraded the ram from 1mb to 3mb (2mb in bank one and 1mb in bank two)but only 2mb is recognised.are both problems connected in some way.

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