Acer Aspire 3023wlmi - motherboard beeping

  sean-278262 00:54 04 Oct 2006

Just what I need at this point in time is my laptop dying on me however I hope it is nothing major. I have been recently getting a number of problems with the computer. The most obvious being that at shut down there have regularly been updates to install. I had put this down to maybe being updates that all so often require a reboot before the next load can be installed. I am not sure if it is related or not to this problem.

Other problems I have had include the keyboard not responding to keypresses, USB ports going dead unexpectedly and also a tendancy to be a tad warmer than normal. However that last one may be me just worrying unduly with the rest of the problems. The vents are clean as I do a clean of the entire thing once a month when I do a scan for viruses etc and ensure everything is ok.

Just 10 minutes ago the machine would not boot up after a restart and beeped out an error code that I heard from down the hall. Luckily the speakers were on to catch it. I powered off and left it for a moment and tried again. I confirmed 2 times that the code it beeps is

1 beep
4 beeps in quick succession
2 beeps in quick succession
1 beep

I have googled to no avail of what the problem is likely to be.

AV, Anti spam and all other main software is up to date as far as I know. I have not installed anything other than a Lexmark Z515 printer and a Lexmark X73 MFD which I recently was given for free becuase the owner cant get it to work and I dont own a scanner so if anything I gained a scanner but think I can repair the problem with ease.

I have been using a Lite On CRT 19inch monitor in multidesktop viewing however this has been working flawlessly for over a week of the laptop being switched to mobile and desktop modes.

As ever here are the sites to the relevant equipment. I cannot think of anything else I should need to put. Thanks to anyone who has any suggestions.
Aspire 3023wlmi - click here you will have to copy this link and paste it in - The machine in question has had the ram replaced with just 1x1gb module and has a 100gb hard drive which is an error in that site. This is the place of purchase.
Lexmark z515 - click here
Lexmark x73 - click here
Lite on monitor - However I have no information other than that this appears to be the same monitor - click here

Thanks again for looking. I hope this laptops doesnt have to go back again. If it does do I have any position to go back to demanding a decent working replacement. Even after the last time I had to send it back to Acer direct as I was abroad and could not of viably sent the laptop back to the uk for repair.

  STREETWORK 06:36 04 Oct 2006
  sean-278262 12:15 04 Oct 2006

Thanks for the link but I found that myself using google but got no where as I cannot find the same code that the laptop gave me. Annoyingly I cannot open the case as you can probably guess due to the tamper proof sticker on the chassis, so cannot find out what bios the system has and cant see a mention of the bios make in the manual.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:34 04 Oct 2006

Remove and refit memory modules and retry.

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