Acer Aspire 3023wlmi - Complete power loss

  sean-278262 01:05 17 Oct 2006

Where to start. Purchased Jan 06 at click here was great for the first 3 months however it seems to have a lovely and unhelpful spate of problems. I have done a complete reload of XP. However the system randomly crashes now and just turns off totally as if the battery has been removed. I did a fresh install of XP 2 weeks ago this thursday and it didnt fix it. I couldnt do a full format due to the problem that seems to exsist. I assumed it must of been something the matter and I was planning a reload anyway so ignored the problem hoping it would go away.

No such luck. What can I do. It is still in warranty and I love the machine. However as a student and it is the only means of contact I have with the rest of the world and also is used for working off. This isnt the first problem it has had, in april it decided to have a failed hdd and I lost loads of data as I was on break and had no portable hdd with me.

I am currently backing up to my 320gb external drive. My basic question is does anyone know why the machine just dies abruptly. It appears fine once you press the on button again. It has only since rebooting it done so when playing Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge over a WLAN. It did it only 2 times and both today. The room isnt that warm and the ports are all clear for air flow.

I am confused as they come in that it only has occured when I rebooted XP on the machine and did a full NTFS format and when playing the above game. I have run 2 monitors while copying files, watching a film and using the internet and it has not occured before. I have also used a DVD to AVI converter application (iRiverter) and it never turned off.

I have loved and cared for it since day one. I wont even use it on my lap unless it has the air intakes and exhaust clear. And its not allowed on the floor.

Can anyone shed some light on this, or is it time to call the place of purchase and see what they say. I am not keen for it to be repaired again as the last time took 3 weeks and they were supposed to deliver it to my home address but instead sent it to my familys address where it was collected even when they were told not to so I didnt have a laptop for a month.

Do I have a leg to stand on if I say I will only accept a replacement because it seems after the initial period of owning it has become unreliable and down right unhelpful.

I am at a loss here completely. It is my entertainment centre, my game station, my communication and most of all my course work so I need a solution sooner rather than later and the longer I dont have it the harder it makes life here as I dont have anything else to use other than campus machines.

Any help is more than appreciated.

  sean-278262 09:19 17 Oct 2006

During the back up it did it once again so now appears I will struggle to back things up. It is like pressing the power off button for a few seconds but totally at random.

  woodchip 09:27 17 Oct 2006

If you are playing games it will not get rid of the heat that's why it shuts down. You could try a Laptop cooler. Also you should always have on a solid surface so air can get round it

  sean-278262 09:36 17 Oct 2006

It isnt only during games and it is on a desk whenever I play games. It only gets used on battery when it vitally is needed to be used like that. However the laptop is not even a year old and obviously shouldnt be doing this. Till now it has run fine in this respect.

  woodchip 15:39 17 Oct 2006

To me Games always spell trouble on a Computer.

  sean-278262 16:09 17 Oct 2006

But that isnt really getting me anywhere woodchip. Thats how I use a computer. What should I do. Do I call up and say it has a problem and say I cannot accept a repair as it severely inconvieniences my life if it goes for repair and just demand a replacement or what. I dont know what to do really.

  woodchip 16:34 17 Oct 2006

Don't think they would replace it know, Only if it was completely Duff.

  sean-278262 16:49 17 Oct 2006

But what about the fact that the laptop is not fit for purpose it turns of when even using it in word. It is a gaming laptop and just 9 months old.

  Jimmy14 17:06 17 Oct 2006

As your laptop is only 9 months old I would consider contacting Acer Techincal Support during the warranty. Their UK number is 0870 853 1000. I will say that you get put in a queue and it tells you what number you are. It took about 10/15 minutes for me to get through. My laptop from Acer is a month older than yours, similair spec regarding ATI X700 Graphics, 1Gb RAM and Centrino and I havn't had one problem with it so it shouldn't be happening,

Let us know how you get on

  sean-278262 17:09 17 Oct 2006

Thats the problem if you read what I said. This machine is my main source of entertainment, my only real contact with my family and the main way in which I do my work.

Last time acer took 3 weeks and they sent it to the wrong address. It took an hour waiting in the queue to get to speak to them. I cannot be out of action for 3 weeks again and dont trust them as they sent it to the wrong address on return anyway. I am in no way going to call acer and put up with that again.

  Jimmy14 17:18 17 Oct 2006

you've no option then if you can't part with it and let the manufacturer fix it while it's under warranty which is the logical thing to do.

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