ACER ASPIRE 1692 Help Keeps Dropping Wireless Con

  FairyWishes 03:59 26 Mar 2006

To all those who posted on here recently in thread about this laptop having bought one of these your imput would begreatly appreicated.
Or anyone else with any vast experience...

I have the acer aspire 1692wlmi with the built in wireles card i'm connected to ntlworld broadband with a wireless router linksys my main desktop comp upstairs is plugged into the router and obviously my laptop is connected via wireless.
Basically it keeps dropping its wireless connections its impossible it really is my friend brought his acer travel mate round and it never drops connection at all the strength is always excellent and we have tried the whole its dropping packets thing there is obviously a probbut the question is is it the wireless card?
when his wireless laptop was connected last satnight and mine was too working off the same broadband wireless connection it didn't drop once.
We decided to change windows xp home incase that was the problem and put windows xp pro on tonightwith all the updated drivers etc for the wireless card but still tonight after all that its horrifically dropping connection :0(
I simply don't know what to do to all those people out there who have this laptop how are you finding its working on wireless connection..
Has anyone any ideas atall please :0(

  woodchip 17:31 26 Mar 2006

I used to get this wih my 3Com Router Modem. Cured it with latest firmware update

  FairyWishes 19:39 26 Mar 2006

Did you could you possibly elaborate a little more you say you cured it by latest firmware update whats that and how do i get it etc

  ed-0 20:01 26 Mar 2006

With ddr or ddr2 memory try and update to these drivers. Choose either of the first two listed that match your WiFi chip. click here

They may be the ones you already have!

  FairyWishes 20:16 26 Mar 2006

We already did this last night thanks anyway.
I just realised something and correct me if i am wrong is it at all possible that the Integrated Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG card inside the laptop can maybe not work greatly with the linksys router its just i have just realised something.. my friends laptop the travelmate he brings up which stays permanetly connected and does not drop connection on my router well i just remembered his internal wirless card is broken he uses one slot in one my god... maybe thats it.. thatmight be wy his stays connected and mine does not maybe its as simple as it somehow doesnot work well with the linksys..

I'm just doing searches on firmware updates.

  woodchip 20:17 26 Mar 2006

Firmware Update, You need to go to the Wireless router site for updates for you router

  Mavericke 20:31 26 Mar 2006

It's really funny as I have not come across such difficulties. By the way I'm using a Belkin router.

  De Marcus™ 20:39 26 Mar 2006

My own opinion would be to ditch the acer (e-net management) wireless utility and use xp's own wireless utility, it's so much more straight forward.

  FairyWishes 20:59 26 Mar 2006

Hello De Marcus and Mavericke the very people i wanted to hear from :0) it was your thread that had me running after a acer :0)
I thoguht there fora min De Marcus you were going to tell me to ditch the acer ;o) and trust me its very nearly coming to it i nearly put it on ebay i can tell you...
I'd need to check my laptop i'm on the desktop right now but am not sure if its still running off the e-net manager as we didn't just do an upgrade of xp pro we wiped it and loaded a full version so alot of the stuff bundled on the acer disks/hardrive obviously are no longer on..
I'll need to check.
Mavericke another guy has the 1692 version and he says he has no probs either using a different router maybe its linksys router and thats the prob. i'll be back........... god i hope i can get this sorted why can my life never be easy..
Thanks guys anyway so far i appreciate your help and if you have any other throughts just shout meanwhile am going to investigate the whole xp's own wireless utility

  De Marcus™ 21:08 26 Mar 2006

Just to make sure, check everything from scratch and temporarily disable any firewall whilst doing so.

Make sure the router's security settings aren't blocking the Acer. I.e. MAC filtering, wep / wpa keys are all correct, etc.

Also make sure the router is set up to assign an ip address to clients and that the Acer is set up in accordance.

Also, and your probably very aware of this, make sure the wireless connection is enabled under network connections in the control panel and that the wireless switch on the front is turned on, you can check this by searching for a wireless signal it should flash orange, if it doesn't, switch it on, a connection is indicated by a solid orange glow.

  Minkey1 22:06 26 Mar 2006

I wonder if the built in wireless is a bit flaky ? My daughter has a 1692 and it wouldn't connect at all. I worked around it using a spare BT cardbus adapter and it connected fine to our BT router. However, the last 2 times she's been home from Uni the internal card has worked fine. Can you borrow your mates card and try that. If it works with your router then on the face of it your router settings are OK and the finger points at the inbuilt Acer &/or e-net management ?

Other than this (now solved) issue she's delighted with her 1692.

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