Acer AS5332 T3000 3GB 160GB Windows 7 15.6" Laptop

  Joe G 22:03 15 Nov 2009


Looking at low cost laptop for partner's son Xmas present. This one is available at Tesco for £349 - any thoughts on quality & performance? I realise it wouldn't be much of a performer in terms of games etc but presumably ok for the bsics. Is the Celeron T3000 similar performance wise to the Athlon TK 55 I have in my own laptop? I have a Toshiba and wondered whether it would be better to pay a bit more for a Toshiba for him as it has been a pretty solid machine so far (touch wood!) and I know ACER have had issues re reliability - all comments welcome!

Joe G

  Strawballs 22:36 15 Nov 2009

I've had an aspire 5535 for nearly a year now with no problems at all.

  Joe G 22:34 17 Nov 2009

Thanks - that's good to know Strawballs

Anyone else got any opinions on likely performance or reliability of this laptop?


  Woolwell 22:39 17 Nov 2009

The big question is always - what will it be used for?
If games - then probably forget it.

  Joe G 22:42 17 Nov 2009

Possibly Championship Manager if that would run on it as he is keen on that but probably nothing more challenging than that. Mainly for DVD, browsng email, office etc

  tullie 22:43 17 Nov 2009

You will be ok for ordinary games such as you find on Reflexive Arcade,Pogo,Bigfish etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:11 17 Nov 2009

Search the forum for "Acer" problems and see how many come up, I've fixed a few but scrapped more.
Personally would'nt pay for one with my own money.

  Joe G 23:18 17 Nov 2009

Thanks - I must admit when I bought this Toshiba laptop (a Dixons reconditioned one) I nearly went for an Acer but was put off by a lot of negative reviews on Amazon and other websites hence my query re reliability - I wondered if this has been resolved yet.

  Woolwell 23:21 17 Nov 2009

Have a look at the recommended (not the minimum) specs for Championship Manager.

I have an Acer laptop which is fine and I know of one which is now 6 years old and ok. It had to have a new battery and increased RAM. But having said that I got my Acer for a specific purpose and prefer Toshiba.

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