Acer are ****

  concretepigsy 19:16 02 Aug 2006

I have had an acer laptop for 13 months and the ac input has broken (not by me!!)

just phoned support and they want
£35 + vat for just looking at it!!!
£210 + vat for a new motherboard.

The laptop cost £1089 and i realise it is just out of warranty, but 1 month!!!!

on top of that the service advisor wouldnt give me his name or the name of the managing director.

any advice would be great please guys

  Jackcoms 19:19 02 Aug 2006

What advice do you want?

The laptop's out of warranty thus you have to pay for repairs.

It would be the same if it was fridge, a TV or whatever.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 02 Aug 2006

ac input has broken

do you mean the adapter or the socket where it plugs into the motherboard?

  concretepigsy 19:26 02 Aug 2006

where it plugs in the motherboard.

and jackcoms i dont expect a £1000 laptop to break after 13 months!!!!!

  Dell Latitude 19:30 02 Aug 2006

I completly aggree with you, i had an acer aspire 1300 last year and the dc socket in the back of the laptop broke. I looked inside the laptop myself and all the parts are so flimzy and easy to brake. I spoke to acer and they said £300 for a new mboard. What model acer do you have?

  concretepigsy 19:37 02 Aug 2006

aspire 1800

  Dell Latitude 19:40 02 Aug 2006

my advice to you is get the laptop fixed and sell it asap incase it happens again. That what i did

  Strawballs 19:45 02 Aug 2006

click here common problem not just acer!

  Dell Latitude 19:48 02 Aug 2006

your laptop seems to be quite powerfull has a pentium 4 cpu, whats the clockspeed

  concretepigsy 20:05 02 Aug 2006


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:12 02 Aug 2006

Depending on exactly what has happened it may be repairable without renewing the mobo.

Plugging/ unplugging can cause the DC jack socket to come loose on the board and a resolder job plus a bit of superglue can fix it the repair is easy enough.
The hard bit is stripping the laptop down to get at the board and then putting it back together again rather time cosumming, thats why the cost is so high.

Check around for other repairers and get some more quotes. "Another problem is broken power pins . Sometimes the laptop power lead is pulled very hard and the pin at the

back of the laptop breaks off . This can be repaired easily.

Broken power pins adapters can be repaired but as these are cheap you may want it replaced. We love component level repairs no job is too difficult." from click here

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