Acer Arcade Disappeared

  Border View 20:58 15 Apr 2007

I have an Acer Aspire 1640Z Series Laptop and the software for Acer Arcade has disappeared. I am not sure if its linked to problems I've had with Real Player (uninstalled and reinstalled) or a recent Windows Update which resulted in a message regarding an Illegal System DLL relocation in respect of RTHDCPL.EXE.

Has anyone else had this problem and can you please point me in the direction of where I can recover the software for my Acer Arcade. I have tried several System restore (running XP) without success.

  Border View 21:20 15 Apr 2007


  skidzy 21:23 15 Apr 2007

Without researching this i know Realplayer does provide a program full of arcade games,so therefore may well be related if you uninstalled Realplayer.

Though if its a package unique to Acer,try the search facility,maybe acer arcade....and look for the .exe file.

  Totally-braindead 21:29 15 Apr 2007

Do you have a disk? Could you perhaps reinstall it?

  Border View 21:36 15 Apr 2007

I have the recovery disc which came with the laptop. Bit wary about running the disc because that will restore to factory settings. Dont know what would happen if I put it in the disc drive.

Its just that when I click on Acer Arcade nothing happens. If anyone has an Acer they will know that when you click on that you can run DVDs, CDs etc. Just dont know why it disappeared.

  skidzy 21:41 15 Apr 2007

Looks like im on the wrong track here.

" The Acer Aspire series notebooks 5670, 9110, 9510, and 9800 include all-in-one entertainment software developed by CyberLink, branded as Acer Arcadeā„¢. "

From here click here

As Totally-braindead says,you will need the original disc or possibly the recovery cd/dvd that will contain the original preinstalled software.

or of course the recovery partition that may let you repair or restore.
Thats assuming it has a hidden recovery partition.

  Border View 21:47 15 Apr 2007

Hi yes there is a hidden recovery partition, but I wouldnt have a clue on how to get into it.

  Totally-braindead 21:56 15 Apr 2007

You could download it from the Acer website click here if its listed.

  skidzy 22:01 15 Apr 2007

Try tapping F11 or maybe F10 on startup to enter the recovery partition.(Before windows loads)

Here you should be given 3 options,something like:

Repair (without data loss)
Restore (destructive/factory settings)

Something similar may appear.

  Border View 17:28 16 Apr 2007

Thanks for responding skidzy, but I now understand that Acer Arcade comes bundled with the whole set up and would probably not be able to extract. I've e-mailed Acer direct and will let you all know how I get on. I'm hoping that they will either give me a download contact point or e-mail the software. Fingers crossed.

In the meanwhile I've uninstalled Real Player and installed Real Alternative. If I put a DVD in Windows Media Player pops up and I have to watch it through that. Wondered if it was WMP11 which gummed up the works.

  Border View 19:40 28 Apr 2007

Does anyone know - if I uninstall Windows Media Player 11 will it revert to WMP 10.

I contacted Acer Support and they want me to revert to factory settings on my laptop. Nightmare. Trying to avoid this. Have come to the conclusion its WMP11. I liked Acer Arcade because when playing a DVD if you liked a particular scene you could take a snapshot. Cant find this facility in WMP.

Would welcome comments.

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