Acer 5920 Laptop Wifi Connectivity Problem

  Ollieole 09:21 10 Jan 2008

Hi all

Bought an Acer 5920G laptop a couple of weeks ago and all was fine until last night. Turned it on and the network/internet connection kept dropping making it unusable. It will connect for a while and then it starts just constantly connecting / disconnecting. WiFi adaptor is the Intel 4965AGN and router is a Belkin F5D9230UK.

I have tried all sorts of things like moving it closer to router / re-booted both router and modem / uninstalled and reinstalled WiFi adaptor drivers (both Acer and latest Intel) all to no avail. Other network devices all seem OK - two wired PCs / Nintendo Wii / Printer. Will try and test with work laptop tonight but at the moment it seems to be the laptop that is at fault. Had a rock solid connection since I bought it until last night and I have not made any recent changes - just turned it on and the problem started after about 5 minutes.

Can anyone think of what the problem might be or should I just take it back and ask for a replacement


  Flying Teddy 09:39 10 Jan 2008

For what it's worth...

I have occasionally had the same problem with Acer laptops around the house. Surprisingly, the fix I've used is to change the channel on the router. The laptops then pick this up automatically and then work fine. Doesn't seem to matter which channel it is changed to...

Good luck!

  dms05 11:08 10 Jan 2008

Agree that changing the channel seems a good idea. It's possible someone close has just started a WiFi gadget of some kind and that's interfering with your connection. Try channels 1, 6 and 11 as their isn't any cross interference between them. Also look at the other wifi in your area. Netstumbler click here is a good free search utilty that will identify other wifi and tell you the channel numbers they use and encryption type etc.

  Ollieole 13:16 10 Jan 2008

Thanks for the responses

Wife is currently working from home and reporting no connectivity problems with her HP work laptop.

I would be surprised if it's a neighbour as we are in a detached house and a reasonable distance from all our neighbours. I can only just get on to our network from the edge of our garden so even if our neighbours placed their routers at the edge of our garden I would only just about expect to get a signal from them - unless one of them has a super strength router. There are no other networks broadcasting that I can see (but appreciate they may all be set not to broadcast so will have to use netstumbler)

I will try changing channel tonight and see what happens.

Just one question though - If it is interference why would it only affect the one laptop and not the wife's laptop or the Wii ??

  woodchip 13:47 10 Jan 2008

Check out this, Right Click My Computer the Hardware\Device Manager Go to Networking hardware, turn off any power saving

  Ollieole 19:18 10 Jan 2008

Changed channel from 11 to 1 and disbled all "power saving" options relative the the network adaptor. It's a bit better but still disconnecting every so often

  woodchip 21:38 10 Jan 2008

What is the MTU set to in your Modem\Router?

  Ollieole 09:07 11 Jan 2008

Hi woodchip

I'm with Virgin media and can't change settings on their cable modem. Also, I can't see anything among the Belkin router settings to change MTU - it all just seems to relate to DHCP/Wireless/MAC filtering settings etc.

My wife was working from home yesterday connected to her office and said she had no dropouts at all on her work laptop. Sat with both laptops on last night - her work HP was rock solid but the Acer kept disconnecting.

One thing I noticed last night is that a few of the "disconnects" seemed to be internet only and it was still connected to the network - i.e. it would say connected to Home Network Local only- even though I was on a web page. The diagram in the Network and sharing page would show the laptop connected to the network but a cross between network and internet. As soon as I went to a different web page it connected up again - is there something in Vista where if you have not sent something up or down the line for a set period of time it somehow disconnects from the internet??

However, it was still disconnecting from the network at various times and had to be manually re-connected.

  dms05 11:44 11 Jan 2008

I assume you are running the original Acer harware and software for WiFi. It may be worth forcing the Acer to use a specific IP address. Take a look at what it currently is (probably something like but to find it go to Run then enter CMD then ipconfig /all) and change this to something like You do this by looking at the wifi adaptor in Connections, right click, then Properties, then TCP/IP and change the obtain automatically to apply manually. You will need to enter the IP and Submask - use the same as the current automatically selected one. Your Gateway is likely to be

Or of course the wifi adaptor could be faulty!

  Ollieole 19:20 11 Jan 2008

Yep, using all the Acer software that takes up so much of the HDD space.

My network is set up so that all devices use specific addresses. I have tried auto alloaction to the laptop as well but it made no difference.

  bigdavey 20:26 15 Jun 2008

i have the same laptop and i found that getting rid of norton antivirus solved this problem. download the removal tool and completely get rid of that program, that might well do it.



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