Acer 5742 automatic restarts (its not opening)

  mauk06 09:16 26 Jul 2012

Hi, I have an Acer 5742 i3 which is 2 years old.I can only see the blue light on the turn on button(which remains for 2 sec max) i can hear harddisk and dvd sound.My laptop starts for 2 sec max and turns off,if its on charging it keeps automatically restarting and turns off every 2 sec,i cannot even see acer's opening page neither i can get into bios.I checked it with a local service centers,went to 2 different places.And 2 different people said 2 different things,1 said my motherboard's LAN unit got a short circuit(i use LAN wire sometimes) and thats not allowing it to turn it on,he advised that he can diffuse the short circuit but noway he can repair or get a new LAN unit,and for that he's charging alot.The other Service center's man said that my Laptop's Bios got flashed out and bios should be installed(which he's not getting it as its 2 yrs old).Their is no franchise or service center of acer(never felt so helpless the company is selling their products but have no service centers).Please if someone can help me out then it would be very kind,Please i'm not sure what i should do.Where i can find Bios...Please Help.

  Nontek 09:22 26 Jul 2012

Have you tried starting in Safe Mode?

If you can start in Safe Mode it might be possible to sort out the problem.

  birdface 09:38 26 Jul 2012

Just in case you don't know.Starting in safe mode just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts and see if that works.or F5.

There should be a factory restore on it somewhere F10 or F11 but you would loose everything you have downloaded on to your your computer.

Have you tried with the battery disconnected and just using the power source.Remove any other usb connections printer Etc.

Were you having any problems with it lately date and time changes or anything like that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 26 Jul 2012

Numerous reasons for it shutting down.

Main one is overheat if CPU fan does not run then it will stop almost immediately.

Motherboard fault

Memory fault

Any beeps or error messages?

  lotvic 20:26 26 Jul 2012

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ says, Sounds like overheating. Is the fan vent dusty? Try sucking dust out with a vacuum nozzle held close to outlet and a small paintbrush to disturb dust on fan blades. Then plug into mains electric and try it as per buteman said.

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