Acer 4602lci or Acer 3004lc

  Shutt1e 12:20 24 Jun 2006

i was looking for an acer 4062lci to buy and come acroos these two which is better
Acer 3004lc

AMD Sempron 3100+ - As powerful as P4 2.8GHz, 15% faster than 3000+
256MB DDR SDRAM - Low cost double memory offer – call for details!
40GB Hard Drive
CDRW/DVD Combo Drive - To read DVDs and CDs and write CDs
15" XGA TFT Screen
Integrated LAN and 56k v.90 data fax modem
3 USB 2.0 Sockets
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Pre Loaded
Includes NTI CD-Maker
1.5-hour Battery Life
Weight 2.8kg

Acer 4602lci

Intel Pentium-M Centrino 740 Processor 1.7GHz
256MB DDR SDRAM - Double the memory to 512MB for only £20– call to place order!
40GB Hard Drive
DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive - To read DVDs and CDs and write CDs
15" XGA TFT Screen
Intel GMA 900
3x USB 2.0 Sockets
Integrated LAN and 56k v.90 data fax modem
Integrated wireless 802.11 b/g LAN - Call for advice on Wireless networking
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
2-hour Battery Life
Weight 2.9kg


  Taff™ 12:27 24 Jun 2006

In my opinion the Acer 4602lci purely because the battery life is better. How about this one though click here That price is delivered!

I ordered one on Thursday and they tried to deliver it the following morning! Note you get a Dual Layer DVD Recorder. If you want to double up the RAM it costs £45 (Recommended)

  Taff™ 12:29 24 Jun 2006

Should have said that`s the 4602LMI - next model up from the one you`ve mentioned and with a Free 3G Datacard actually worth about £100.

  Shutt1e 12:30 24 Jun 2006

did you pay the £20 so they check it before you receive it ??

  Taff™ 13:10 24 Jun 2006

I didn`t even notice that. When I upgraded the memory they said that it would have to be installed by them and tested otherwise it would invalidate the warranty. (Load of tosh!) The e-mailed invoice actually notes this fact as a free of charge item.

Another (untried) service they offer free of charge is a 24/7 software support line - free for the first week. After that you subscribe. I personally don`t need that because I am capable of sorting my own (and others) problems out most of the time.

I telephoned to confirm all the details with them because I`ve never dealt with them before. Customer service was excellent, "Alan" phoned me back when asked to check something for me. He offered me overnight delivery for an extra £9.99 which I declined in favour of their free 3/4 day delivery and as I said City Link tried to deliver it the following day anyway! So far I`m impressed.

My advice to you would be take it as advertised, upgrade the memory if you can afford to and post back on the forum if you need any help along the way.

Is it a better deal than the one you were talking about?

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