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  sarah1980 16:26 28 Dec 2006

I own a small business (sole trader) and I am looking to purchase some software to keep track of my accounts. I have been doing it for a year or so with the help of Excel, but when it comes to VAT returns, credit control and foreign currency, my system is just not good enough!

Can anyone recommend a software package to cope with all of the above? my Accountant recommends Quickbooks, but he is (by his own admission) on commission from them! Have also heard of MYOB.

I don't want anything too complicated, essentially I am a broker so my day to day business is buying and selling, overheads are minimal (although I do work from a rented office) and the quarterly VAT return (including complex schemes, such as the Tour Operators Margin Scheme from time to time) is the bane of my life!!

  Jackcoms 16:34 28 Dec 2006

IMHO MYOB is perfect for the small business (because it's designed for them).

I've used it myself, in the past, when working for a couple of small charities and it's all you'll need.

It includes sales and purchase ledgers, credit control (including built-in letters to chase defaulters).

There's also an excellent stock control module and it will also calculate your quarterly VAT return!

They also have an excellent telephone support service which, I seem to recall, is free for the first 12 months.

  sarah1980 16:35 28 Dec 2006

thanks for the advice!

  Belatucadrus 17:40 28 Dec 2006

click here
click here
for some other stuff that may be of interest.

  Kate B 18:11 28 Dec 2006

Belatucadrus - thanks for the link to Moneybox: it's written by my dad and has a small but happy fanbase.

  setecio 12:06 31 Mar 2007

What are your views of Sage instant accounts, anyone? As it is the most widely heard name, although I do hear MYOB is easier to use, but what is the general view of Sage IA as program for small businesses ?

  moorie- 12:40 31 Mar 2007

hi i use sage instant accounts v12,it does the job for me plus the helpline is very good.They als run a course to get the max return from the software.
Vat is a click of a button plus it would save you accountants bills if fully utilised.
There may be better progs out there but this is the only one ive used so cant compare im afraid.

  wee eddie 13:08 31 Mar 2007

Your Accountant's extra "Fees" will far exceed any possible savings that you make by using a program that his Staff are not familiar with.

It might also be that, as he gets Commission on the sale, he feels obliged to assist if you have any problems.

  Jackcoms 19:59 31 Mar 2007

"As it is the most widely heard name, although I do hear MYOB is easier to use, but what is the general view of Sage IA as program for small businesses ?"

MYOB is much easier to use. Sage is the most widely used accounts package but too bloody complex for it's own good.

Some of the functionality in it just isn't needed.

For a small business/charity I'd recommend MYOB any time.

  hvs 09:01 05 Apr 2007

I am looking for accounting software that is easy to use (novice) but is functional for a small business. I have read the comments but I need to know where do I buy this software etc I am in Belgium or can someone please send me a link the the sites.

  moorie- 09:08 05 Apr 2007

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